"Return to Ashes" is the action theme of Mile High and Hostile Takeover (Chapter R-03 and R-04, respectively) from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It's instrumental is also used in the Blade Wolf DLC during the Denver portion of Blade Wolf's VR training.

The lyrics describe a flashback and how things worked to the past. It's a metaphor, "Return to Ashes" means "return to past", saying that if we continue down the same path, we will destroy ourselves, so it may also be due to the famous burial speech: ashes to ashes.

Prior to the release of the game, "Return to Ashes" was used for several of the promotional spots for Metal Gear Rising, specifically the Gray Fox segment of the DLC promotional skins trailer and the locations trailer showing Raiden doing a lot of fighting.


Look to history                                                                                                     

The politicians say they’re right

And stoke the fire till the ash turns white

They say survival’s everything
But as for me I don’t say a thing

Oh yeah

How long must I still fight

Woah oh

Watching other countries plight

Woah oh

Just look back to history
You will see that it’s filled with greed

The only way to get ahead
Is exploit the weak and to burn your dead
Just look to history

Society in moral decay

Here tomorrow
Or gone today
Oh yeah

We’ll return to ashes one day

Official lyrics from Platinum Games

Credits and original composition

Written by Jamie Christopherson
Lyrics by Jamie Christopherson
Produced and Mixed by Jamie Christopherson
Remixed by Akira Takizawa
Vocals and Drums Produced by Logan Mader
Vocals: John Bush (courtesy of Metal Blade Records)
Guitars: Aaron Kaplan and Graeme Cornies
Drums: Ralph Alexander
Programming: Jamie Christopherson

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