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"We need tension...conflict. The world today has become too soft. We're living in an age where true feelings are suppressed. So we're going to shake things up a bit. We'll create a world dripping with tension... ...a world filled with greed and suspicion, bravery and cowardice."
―Revolver Ocelot to Solid Snake[src]

Revolver Ocelot, real name Adamska (Russian: Адамска) or simply Adam (Russian: Адам), and also known as ADAM, Shalashaska (Russian: Шалашаска), usually Ocelot (Russian: Оцелот), was an operative of FOXHOUND and an agent of the Patriots. A master of interrogation and a formidable gunfighter, he was often referred to as a "ricochet genius" in regards to his gun fighting skills. A fanatic, he was known for his affinity towards Spaghetti Westerns, as evidenced by his choice of weapon and his clothing, duster and spurs, the traditional garb of cowboys. His weapon of choice was the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, which he regarded as "the greatest handgun ever made." His first weapon of choice was a Makarov, only later to be changed after his first encounter with Naked Snake.

Throughout his career, Ocelot became personally acquainted with all five men codenamed Snake: a friendly rival to Big Boss, the right hand man for Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, one of Venom Snake's top advisors, and a nemesis to Solid Snake. He was the son of The Sorrow, and the legendary soldier The Boss, given birth to on the battlefield. Specializing in infiltrations of a different nature than Solid Snake and Big Boss, Ocelot often acted as a triple agent, to serve multiple interests in the same situation.

Ocelot spoke seven languages fluently, namely French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and English, the latter two being his primary languages.[3]


Early life and career

Ocelot was conceived in late 1943 by The Joy and The Sorrow just prior to a secret mission. The Joy learned of her pregnancy during the mission, which resulted in her blowing her cover and being fired upon. Although her unborn child was saved from the bullet, The Joy entered a coma for three months before regaining consciousness. After making a full recovery another three months later, she speculated that her body had willed her to live for the sake of her unborn child.

Ocelot was born during the Allied invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944 as Adamska. The Joy was wounded during childbirth in the middle of the battlefield, forcing her to give birth via cesarean section and the resulting operation gave her a snake-shaped scar on her torso. Shortly after birth, Adamska was taken from his parents by agents of the Philosophers.

Adamska briefly worked for the NSA as a code breaker under the codename, ADAM. But he and another colleague defected to the Soviet Union in September 1960. However, a seemingly contradictory account had the youth taken in and raised by the Spetsnaz and Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin in the immediate aftermath of World War II.[4] Whatever the case, Ocelot would later serve under Volgin's command of GRU while secretly operating as a spy for both the KGB and the CIA; proxy organizations of the Russian and American branches of the Philosophers, respectively. Due to his heritage as the son of a legendary hero, he was given preferential treatment within the organization, promoted to the rank of Major at a very young age, and given command of his own personal squad.

In 1962, a threat towards Adamska's life was made to his mother in order to ensure that she would assassinate her former comrade (Adamska's father). His life was to have been forfeit if both survived the encounter, ensuring his father's death.[5]

Operation Snake Eater

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

In August 1964, Major Ocelot traveled to Rassvet, Tselinoyarsk with the Ocelot Unit in order to capture Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov for the GRU. He ambushed the KGB operatives stationed in the area and killed them, although he implied that he did not like having to do so, as they were comrades.[6] Surrounding them with the Ocelot Unit, he attempted to kill Naked Snake by using a Middle Eastern technique that involved ejecting the first bullet by hand, but his Makarov handgun jammed at the last moment, resulting in Ocelot and his entire unit being defeated. Snake then suggested that Ocelot use revolvers, as he was quoted saying that he "[tended] to twist his elbow to absorb the recoil" which was a technique used with revolvers, before the latter passed out.


Major Ocelot, circa 1964.

After regaining consciousness a short time later, Ocelot boarded Colonel Volgin's Hind A while they were airlifting the Shagohod prototype to Groznyj Grad. Having received two Davy Crockett missiles from The Boss when she defected, Volgin decided to test one on Sokolov's research facility, while Ocelot attempted to stop him. Unable to convince Volgin, Ocelot could only watch in horror as the Colonel launched the miniature warhead and destroyed the facility in a nuclear explosion. At some point afterwards, Ocelot managed to get some Colt Single Action Army revolvers, including one engraved model and three blackpowder models, and presumably also modified the Makarov bullet with a specialized ring attachment to give the normally 9mm Makarov bullet a diameter closer to that of the Single Action Army in the event that he used it to exact revenge on Snake.[7]

One week later, Ocelot was ordered by the CIA to aid Naked Snake in Operation Snake Eater, in which The Boss, the Cobra Unit, and the threat of the Shagohod were to be eliminated, while also retrieving the Philosophers' Legacy for the American branch of the Philosophers. However, before Ocelot could meet up with Snake, a Chinese spy posing as EVA, pretended to help Snake in his mission while secretly plotting to take the Philosophers' Legacy herself for the Philosophers in China. Ocelot decided to keep his identity as ADAM a secret and aided Snake covertly. Throughout the mission, Ocelot and Snake shared a mutual rivalry and fought on several occasions. On the first occasion, after Snake again neutralized his unit at Rassvet, Ocelot attempted to lure Snake over to the area where he had captured EVA, and revealed that, following Snake's earlier advice, he had switched to using the a Single Action Army revolver, and then attempted to shoot Snake. However, he failed to realize that he had wasted all of his shots due to the SAA carrying fewer bullets than the Makarov, and EVA escaped in the process, after which Snake explained Ocelot's folly. Snake allowed a humiliated Ocelot to escape, allegedly because he was "still young," although it was actually because he had taken a liking to him.

Ocelot re-encountered Snake at the Bolshaya Past crevice, where they had a gun duel. However, it was interrupted with The Pain's hornets scouting ahead, forcing him to flee. Afterwards, he tried to play "Russian roulette" with Sokolov in order to intimidate him before The Boss ended up stopping him. She also scolded Ocelot for his earlier actions at Bolshaya Past, breaking his SAA in the process. After Volgin's forces managed to track down and capture Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin under accusations of being a spy, he also discovered that Volgin ended up killing Granin while torturing him inside of a drum can before he could reveal whether or not he was a spy. Ocelot later scolded Volgin about his practices, as well as his nuking the Sokolov Research Facility, with Volgin rebutting him due to being in command of Groznyj Grad, as well as feeling that it is his duty that he has to root out spies within the Soviet Union before it collapses. When Tatyana arrives, he smells her "perfume" (actually gasoline), and initially suspected her of being the KGB spy, but stopped and instead commented on her "boots" (which were her biking boots instead of her officer boots).

After Snake was captured while infiltrating Groznyj Grad, Ocelot witnessed Volgin's brutal torture of the American agent. Though initially opposed to the practice, Ocelot later praised the effectiveness of torture, calling it "the ultimate form of expression." He also attempted to expose Tatyana's true affiliations after she prevented The Boss from gouging Snake's eyes out, subjecting her to his Russian roulette. However, Snake got in the way, resulting in the loss of his right eye in the process, an act which earned Ocelot a violent slap from The Boss. He also jammed a tracer in Snake's back while hitting him, in case he escaped. Ocelot later hunted down Snake in the sewers, and was about to shoot him with the bullet from their first meeting, but Snake jumped off the cliff.

When Snake was again caught infiltrating Groznyj Grad, Ocelot explained how he had deduced that Tatyana was the spy EVA, and expressed his desire to settle the score with Snake, but was stopped by Volgin. During the fight between Snake and Volgin, Ocelot was ordered to shoot Snake. However, Ocelot refused, instead throwing items down to Snake to use against Volgin. This alluded to Ocelot's admiration for Snake, although he explained that he did it because he had made a promise to The Boss. Afterwards, Volgin ordered Ocelot to locate the bombs that had been detected within the hangar. Ocelot later attempted to chase EVA and Snake down by motorcycle, and was also briefly saved by Snake from falling debris. He also nearly got killed from the ignition and backwash of the Shagohod's rocket booster engines while continuing his pursuit of EVA and Snake, which were deliberately activated by Volgin upon Ocelot's arrival as the former's revenge for his earlier disobedience. Ocelot temporarily abandoned the pursuit after they destroyed a nearby rail bridge which he narrowly avoided falling into. It cost him one of his revolvers in the process.

When Snake and EVA attempted to escape on a WIG over Rokovoj Bereg, Ocelot boarded the craft from a flying platform and, following a brief fight with Snake, decided to settle on a duel of quick draw. Following the duel's outcome, Ocelot exchanged first names with Snake to demonstrate that they were "real men" and not their animal namesakes, before bidding farewell to John and leaping from the low-flying craft to the water below.

Post-Snake Eater

After Operation Snake Eater's success, the KGB Chief Director contacted Ocelot, where the latter mentioned that Khrushchev was finished, and that the Chief Director's time had finally arrived, as well as suggested that they use the knowledge of both missions as blackmail against America in future negotiations. Shortly thereafter, Ocelot secretly made a call to the CIA Director. Their conversation revealed that the CIA had only acquired half of the Legacy, and it was assumed that the KGB possessed the other half. He also submitted some blueprints of a potential future weapon for the United States. He also confirmed that they had supplied the Chinese with a fake microfilm (revealing he deduced EVA was a Chinese agent).

Due to his earlier witnessing of Naked Snake being tortured by Colonel Volgin, Ocelot began to research it, eventually becoming an expert in the field.

San Hieronymo Incident

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Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]
Ocelot portable ops 2

Ocelot, 1970.

In 1970, Ocelot recovered the KGB's half of the Legacy and became dissatisfied with the American Philosophers' bickering, which had pitted the CIA against the Pentagon for control of the Philosophers' Legacy. Because of this, Ocelot took advantage of the internal situation while a takeover on the San Hieronymo Peninsula took place. After Big Boss (Naked Snake) foiled Gene's plan to have a nuclear missile hit Langley and the Pentagon, Ocelot secured the CIA's half of the Legacy and assassinated the DCI in a manner that was indistinguishable from suicide, hoping to free the country from the Philosophers and attain the entire Legacy (as well as the complete list with the identities of the Philosopher members), as well as planning to retrieve what the DCI stole from both him and his unknown conspirator and thus carry on The Boss's spirit.

Post-San Hieronymo

Ocelot planned to break his ties with his benefactor, until the mysterious man revealed battle data on the Perfect Soldier Project and introduced the concept of "genomes" to him. Ocelot, intrigued, then agreed to join him in the formation of "the Patriots." However, he only did this under the condition that Big Boss be allowed to join them as well.

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Les Enfants Terribles

Zero recruited Ocelot, Big Boss, along Sigint, Para-Medic and EVA, to found the Patriots. Their dream was to shape the world into one which The Boss had envisioned, one which would once more be "whole" again. However, Zero's interpretation of her will greatly differed from that of Big Boss, which would eventually lead to their falling out. Big Boss had been raised to a being of Christ-like reverence, but he resented being treated as a puppet for the Patriots' goals. Para-Medic (Dr. Clark) retrieved a sample of his DNA, and the Patriots began work on developing a clone in order to keep their "messiah" alive. In 1972, EVA agreed to serve as the surrogate mother for the octuplets that resulted. However, six were aborted, resulting in her birthing twin sons. However, Big Boss did not agree to this plan and left the group to form his own mercenary army in opposition to Zero's Patriots.

Post-Les Enfants Terribles

While maintaining his position in the Spetsnaz GRU, Ocelot also continued his life as a spy and agent for Cipher (although he secretly resented its policies). He also participated in several wars across Africa and the Middle East throughout the 1970s and '80s including the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, acting as the GRU's lead interrogator in the region.

At some point after the fall of Mother Base in the Caribbean, under Major Zero's request, he entered in contact with Kazuhira Miller and the survivors of the Militaires Sans Frontières (who, by this point, had renamed themselves as the Diamond Dogs) to protect Big Boss from Skull Face and Cipher. He and Miller were not exactly the best of friends but they agreed to work together due to their mutual admiration for Big Boss and their desire to keep him safe.

It was during the war in Afghanistan that he became feared amongst the mujahideen as a sadist, for which they named him "Shalashaska." At some point, he became the special interrogations advisor to the Soviet forced labour camps, a position he took to hide his real objective of keeping Big Boss safe while he was in a coma in Cyprus. He was also known to have utilized the Lubyanka prison underneath the KGB headquarters as his training for interrogating his victims.[8]

Ocelot eventually fully allied himself with Diamond Dogs and ended up leading the group in Big Boss's absence due to his status of being in a coma and Kazuhira Miller's capture in Afghanistan. During his time with Diamond Dogs, Ocelot traded in his traditional Single Action Army Revolvers for a pair of modified Tornado-6 Heavy Revolvers.

Sometime during Ocelot's career in the Soviet military, he met Sergei Gurlukovich, a fellow member of Spetsnaz.

Ocelot MGSV

Ocelot at Mother Base in 1984.

In 1975, Ocelot was contacted by Zero one last time in order to provide protection for Big Boss against Skull Face, after Big Boss was left in a 9-year coma during the XOF Trojan Horse operation that resulted in the destruction of Militaires Sans Frontières. Concocting the plan with Zero, the two would organize a body-double for Big Boss by using one of his most trusted men (later dubbed as Venom Snake). In the following years, Ocelot would imbue Big Boss's memories into the body-double using hypnotherapy. When Big Boss finally awoke from his own coma, Ocelot debriefed him of the situation and the ruse that he and Zero had planned, in which Big Boss willingly cooperated. Elaborating that they would use the hospital staff as decoys against attackers, Ocelot outlined the final piece of his ruse, in which he would use hypnotheraphy upon himself in order to make himself believe that the body-double is truly Big Boss, thus genuinely aiding him in his vengeful campaign against Skull Face and XOF. Ocelot also maintained contact with Miller, and eventually was tasked with ensuring Big Boss's escape in order for him to save Miller (who had around the same time been captured by the Skulls in an ambush in Afghanistan).

Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident
In 1984, at the age of 40, Ocelot aided with Venom Snake's escape from a besieged hospital, allowing him to ride on the back of his white Andalusian. While Ocelot rode the horse, Venom Snake fended off the Man on Fire and Tretij Rebenok, until they were eventually stopped by a collapsing cliff, and fell into the ocean. Both survived, however, with the two later traveled to Afghanistan, where Ocelot provided intel to Venom Snake regarding the location of Miller, who had been captured ten days prior to the events at the hospital, informing him that he could not help directly due to Venom Snake's renowned status, especially when Venom Snake needs to recreate the legend he once was. Ocelot also informed Venom Snake that he needed to rescue Miller within three days as otherwise their lead towards XOF will dry up. He then left to help finish up the completion of the new Mother Base that the Diamond Dogs set up and supplied Venom Snake with Miller's sunglasses, also acting as mission advisor while Venom Snake was on the field.[9]

Ocelot and Miller preparing to inject Huey with the Metallic Archaea.

In addition, he also raised an orphaned wolf pup that Venom Snake rescued to act as an attack dog to accompany Venom Snake on his missions. Ocelot would later train a Diamond Dog personnel by giving him the same tips Big Boss gave him in 1964, including recommending that he use a revolver for the same reason Big Boss had given.

Eventually, Ocelot alongside Miller got a message from Huey Emmerich, and decided to "aid" in the latter's extraction (although mostly so they could interrogate him, since they suspect he was responsible for MSF's downfall nine years earlier). They then had Venom Snake dispatched to meet up with him. However, before Snake could arrive at Huey's last known location at the Serak Power Plant, the latter ended up ambushed by the silent assassin, Quiet. After realizing that Quiet simply vanished into thin air, he then warned Snake to stay sharp regarding his senses due to this development.

When Venom Snake took down Quiet, he suggested to bring her back to Mother Base, believing her to be a good source of information, also entering an argument with Miller on this (the latter not wanting Quiet on Mother Base at all because he suspects she's a Cipher plant). After Miller refused to let the chopper land and later attempted to have her executed immediately, Ocelot came to Quiet's defense, insisting she be spared due to saving Snake from a pursuing XOF aircraft while en-route to Mother Base, with Snake ultimately agreeing, although under the condition that if she does end up proving a threat to Mother Base and Diamond Dogs, he will personally deal with her. Afterwards, Ocelot purposely locked her in a cell with a poor lock quality, expecting her to break out to reveal her motives, but she didn't. When this got nowhere, he suggested Venom Snake take Quiet out on missions to form a bond and hopefully break her silence, also personally requesting Snake to arrive at her cell so they could discuss it. He also informed Miller of this plan, even allowing Quiet to briefly demonstrate her capabilities during one of her escapes. This pain was only half successful as Quiet couldn't talk because of her vocal cord parasites. She did form a bond with Venom Snake and eventually fell in love with him, allowing Diamond Dogs to gain a powerful asset. Since then, Quiet was given more freedom but stayed in her cell at most times in Mother Base but was allowed to break out and move about as long as she didn't step out of line and behaved.

Eventually, Snake arrived at the place he was supposed to extract Huey: the Serak Power Plant. Unfortunately, XOF's leader, Skull Face, anticipated that Huey was going to defect and, upon confirming it with an XOF soldier, proceeded to force him to another destination, with Venom Snake witnessing this as well as the disappearance of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, the walking giant he had witnessed earlier. Ocelot, along the way, then revealed to Snake that he recognized Skull Face from earlier. After Snake encountered Huey at the Central Base Camp in Afghanistan, Ocelot suggested that Snake use the latter's Walker Gear prototype to escape the base, mostly because it would cut down on the distance to the landing zone, and entered another argument with Miller, who was against the idea both because of doubts that the device even works, and due to his lingering grudge against Huey.

Eventually, after retrieving Huey, Ocelot and Miller proceeded to torture Huey Emmerich for his role in the destruction of MSF and the old Mother Base. He later managed to learn from Huey that not only was XOF's next destination in Africa, but they also had planned a weapon to surpass Metal Gear, and proceeded to inform Miller and Snake of this development. He then explained that he initially had doubts about Zero being responsible for the attack on Mother Base nine years earlier, and then admitted that now that he had seen Skull Face, he was certain Zero wasn't responsible, and fully explained that Skull Face had been Zero's XO and had gone renegade around that time.

During this time, he also aided Snake in various missions in Central Africa. During a mission to rescue Shabani, the leader of The Mbele Squad, a group of Child Soldiers they rescued earlier, Ocelot told Snake to run from the doomed "Devil's House" after witnessing the Man on Fire's arrival. However, after Venom Snake was forced to fight against the Man on Fire, he suggested to Snake to remember their earlier encounter. After Snake managed to subdue the Man on Fire, Ocelot then agreed with Snake's decision to fulton him, as that would allow them to study him and figure out exactly what it was, although he got irritated when the cords on the fulton that was supposed to extract him ended up snapped.

Eventually, during an outbreak, Ocelot proceeded to debrief Snake on the ACC on the situation alongside Miller. After he quarantined the staff, Ocelot then noticed the peculiarity of how all the people infected spoke Kikongo. He then interrogated a certain human trafficker after retrieving him and learned that whatever was causing the outbreak had ties to a forest and an old man. Snake eventually was dispatched to Lufwa Valley to retrieve the old man responsible for the parasites, Code Talker. However, Ocelot noted some suspicion that the path to the place was seemingly unguarded, as the level of security would have suggested that there would have at least been one patrol on that path, with his suspicions being further confirmed with the ominous arrival of mist in the presence, with the Parasite Unit arriving. Ultimately, Snake was successful in retrieving Code Talker. However, Snake's ride, Pequod, was forced to crash land at the Nova Braga Airport due to another ambush from the Parasite Unit, with Ocelot personally arriving in another chopper to retrieve Snake and Code Talker after Snake successfully fought off the Parasite Unit and their Puppet Soldiers.

He then interrogated Huey again, this time for Skull Face and Sahelanthropus's destination, with his ultimately getting Huey to reveal the location of OKB Zero by exploiting the latter's fear of losing his his ability to walk. He remained on Mother Base to maintain soldier morale back at the base while Snake, Miller, and Huey left to exact revenge on XOF (and in the case of Huey, to redeem himself), although he made clear that despite the circumstances, the standard chain of command was still in effect.

After Sahelanthropus was destroyed and Skull Face was killed, he then proceeded to arrive alongside several Diamond Dogs soldiers to secure Serak Power Plant, although he reported that the Man on Fire's corpse, who had earlier been believed to have been crushed by Sahelanthropus's loading platform, was gone, causing him to suspect that he just got up and walked away. Eventually, he tracked the Man on Fire's remains to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost and relayed this information to Snake, and also voiced his suspicions from what Skull Face mentioned about revenge that the Man on Fire's true identity had in fact been his former commanding officer at GRU, Colonel Volgin, or at least what was left of him. Snake, with some difficulty, eventually retrieved the Man on Fire's fresh corpse from the supply outpost, with Ocelot then suspecting that Volgin had been used by Skull Face due to a mutual desire for revenge. Eventually, Ocelot had Venom Snake obtain intelligence gathered by an informant, allowing Diamond Dogs to learn the origins of Tretij Rebenok and the Man on Fire, and their role in Skull Face's plans.

Ocelot also attempted to stop children from going near a pit filled with chlorine disinfectant, and later Snake, the latter especially after Quiet jumped in, although Quiet eventually managed to get out, requiring hospitalization.

Ocelot also interrogated Huey shortly beforehand regarding a mummified corpse inside the Boss AI (as Miller had earlier ordered for its retrieval to gain any information potentially related to Huey's role in MSF's downfall), and learned that the corpse was Strangelove, and that she had allegedly been killed by Skull Face.

After it became apparent that Eli was trying to orchestrate a rebellion on Mother Base, Ocelot, after talking Miller into realizing the threat Eli posed, then attempted to interrogate him about his plans. Unfortunately, Eli already anticipated this and worked this into his plans via both the Third Child and a newly-repaired Sahelanthropus and proceeded to escape Mother Base. Ocelot then proceeded to track Sahelanthropus and Eli's group, and after deducing Huey's role in Sahelanthropus's repairwork, not to mention Eli's escape, he then interrogated him, and also discovered a hole in Huey's story (namely, he earlier led Ocelot to believe he never even met his son).

After learning that Quiet was a carrier for the vocal cord parasites, he then supervised her torture, although he ultimately disagreed with Miller regarding his actions towards her, with Snake ultimately siding with Ocelot.[10] At some point later, Ocelot commented on Skull Face's upbringing.

Ocelot later left Diamond Dogs. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ocelot left the Spetsnaz. Although he claimed to share Sergei's beliefs in restoring Russia to her former glory,[11] he secretly held no interest in the matter.

Actions during the 1990s

Ocelot's official file mentioned that after the fall of the Soviet Union, he joined the OMON (Special Purpose Police Squad) and the Russian Tax Police's elite SWAT team. Afterwards, he joined the SVR (a successor agency of the KGB). He eventually became dissatisfied with the agency's rigid system and left Russia. This account was considered to be false, however.[12] During this time, he actually pursued mercenary work, cutting a swath through the world's hot spots while simultaneously working as a spy for the Patriots.

After Solid Snake foiled Big Boss's attempted coups d'état during the Outer Heaven Uprising in 1995, and the Zanzibar Land Disturbance in 1999, the Patriots had the injured Big Boss put in a nanomachine-induced coma to preserve the Patriots' messiah, which infuriated Ocelot and EVA. As a result, they formed a plan to recover Big Boss's body from Zero's clutches.

Following the Zanzibar Land Disturbance, Ocelot was scouted by U.S. Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND in 1999[12][13] and joined under Liquid Snake's command[14] circa 2000.[15] Unbeknownst to Liquid, Ocelot's decision to join FOXHOUND was based on his admiration for Big Boss, its former commander,[14] and the man from whom Liquid had been cloned. He then aided Liquid in becoming a leader on par with his father, living up to a promise he had made to Kazuhira Miller almost twenty years earlier. Ocelot became the unit's interrogation specialist, operating under the additional codename of "Revolver." During this time, Ocelot was reacquainted with Liquid's ally Tretij Rebenok, now fellow FOXHOUND member Psycho Mantis. In 2003, Ocelot and EVA became allies of Naomi Hunter, and used her adoptive brother Gray Fox to kill FOXHOUND's medical chief Dr. Clark, a.k.a. Para-Medic.

Shadow Moses Incident

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In February 2005, Revolver Ocelot secretly worked as U.S. President George Sears's agent to incite Liquid Snake into bringing about an insurrection on Shadow Moses Island, along with the other serving members of FOXHOUND and the Next-Generation Special Forces. In addition, Ocelot used his influence to gain his old comrade Sergei Gurlukovich's support, providing military hardware to the Sons of Big Boss.

Ocelot face

Ocelot, circa 2005.

Early in the insurrection, Ocelot tortured ArmsTech President Kenneth Baker and broke his right arm, resulting in Baker divulging his detonation code for Metal Gear REX. Ocelot then killed the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson (Sigint) during a supposedly botched torture session. By doing so, he intentionally deprived Liquid of the necessary launch codes for Metal Gear, though the real reason was that Anderson recognized Ocelot as not truly working for the terrorists.[16] Since Anderson was still in league with Zero, Ocelot killed him.[17] He was later reprimanded by Liquid for this action, which, compounded with Psycho Mantis' inability to read Anderson's mind due to cranial implants designed to prevent mind-readers to detect the passcodes, had them restrategize by tricking the arriving force to activating REX for them.[18] They made Decoy Octopus disguise himself as Anderson to talk Snake into the act.

Ocelot later challenged Solid Snake to a gunfight. But midway through the duel, his right hand was cut off by the Cyborg Ninja (Gray Fox), and he was forced to flee, taking the amputated hand with him. Ocelot later vowed to kill Snake during a conversation with Vulcan Raven, expressing irritation when the latter reminded him of his defeat. Later after Psycho Mantis's death and Sniper Wolf captured Snake, Ocelot interrogated Snake, electrocuting him via his torture device, with orders from Liquid to not kill Snake as he had done to the DARPA Chief. During the torture, he also decided to have Snake play a little "game" during the torture sessions to see whether Snake could withstand the torture or submit, stating that if he submitted, Snake would be spared, but he would torture and kill Meryl Silverburgh as a result. During the interrogation, he revealed that he had fought wars in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Mozambique, and Chad, also revealing his allegiance to Sergei Gurlukovich and inferring that he planned to restore Russia.[11] Like Liquid, Ocelot's goal was to create a world of strife that allowed people to express their true feelings, believing that the current world had put humanity in a position where they could not do so.[19] Ocelot, anticipating that Snake would escape from the medical room, also planted a time bomb within Snake's equipment, though the latter eventually discovered and disposed of it.

Ocelot (Twin Snakes)

Revolver Ocelot, circa 2005.

Ocelot was later present with Liquid when deciding which to make REX's target, learning more of Liquid's plans about Outer Heaven, as well as wondering whether to keep Meryl as bait for Snake. When asked by Liquid about the detonation keys, Ocelot claimed that Snake didn't carry any keys. He later shot the PAL key out of Snake's hand, after catching a glimpse of him hiding on a security monitor.

Ocelot's true goal was realized when he retrieved REX's test data from Snake, as per the President's orders, without handing it over to Liquid. Towards the end of the Shadow Moses Incident, Ocelot discussed plans with Liquid concerning an alliance with Gurlukovich's mercenary forces, though this never came to be due to REX’s destruction at the hands of Snake, the Ninja and Otacon. While Snake defeated REX and Liquid, Ocelot took the REX data with him and escaped Shadow Moses, and later delivered it to the President along with reporting the events that transpired.

Post-Shadow Moses

After the incident, Revolver Ocelot placed someone under surveillance as per Solidus's orders,[20] sold Metal Gear REX's test data to many nations via the black market (earning enough money for him to "buy a decent-sized country" in the process), and broke Naomi out of prison. At some point, he had his right arm replaced with Liquid's arm via an arm transplant surgery in Lyon, France, with Solidus presumably being involved in the funding.[21] During this time, he aided Solidus, helping him to go into hiding after the Patriots had planned to kill him. In order to fool the Patriots, Ocelot began to utilize a combination of psychotherapy, drugs, hypnosis, and nanomachines to become a mental doppelgänger with Liquid's personality within him and only manifesting it every time he and Solid Snake were in close proximity to make it look like spiritual possession.

The Manhattan Incident

See also: Tanker Incident and the Big Shell Incident

In 2007, Revolver Ocelot was ordered by the Patriots to steal the U.S. Marines' Metal Gear RAY which was seen as a threat to the development of the Navy's Arsenal Gear but planned to mass-produce a redesigned model in order to protect it instead. During this time, he also underwent the appropriate VR training for piloting RAY for the moment he ended up stealing it.

Ocelot old

Revolver Ocelot, circa 2009.

On August 8, 2007, Ocelot used the help of Sergei Gurlukovich and the Gurlukovich Mercenaries to infiltrate the tanker in which RAY was being transported and stole it (or, in his words, "taking [RAY] back"). He also anticipated Solid Snake's arrival at the tanker, due to his other mission being to ensure Snake and Philanthropy were framed by the Patriots as revenge for the fame they gained during Shadow Moses. He was supposed to stay away from the action, but he disobeyed orders, and when a Gurlukovich soldier who evaded Solid Snake's assault on a unit of soldiers near the boiler room holds discovered his presence and questioned him of it, he shot the hapless soldier dead and departed, although not before telling the then-recently deceased soldier that his commander will "join [the soldier] soon." He then managed to successfully steal RAY, sinking the tanker in the process. He also betrayed Sergei and left both him and Marine Commandant Scott Dolph for dead.

It was here when Liquid's personality first took over Ocelot and made his presence known to Solid Snake. After hijacking RAY, Liquid proceeded to destroy the Discovery, along with the U.S. Marines on board, before making his escape. Some short time after this, Ocelot regained control of his body. The Patriots then continued with their plan (unaware that Ocelot still intended on betraying them), sinking a real oil tanker at the same spot, and constructing the Big Shell. In addition, when reporting to the Patriots (namely someone identified as the President) about the success of his mission, he also promises to meet up with his contact at a pre-arranged location.[22]

In April 2009, Revolver Ocelot then met up with Solidus Snake and the two formed the Sons of Liberty comprised of the remaining members of Dead Cell and the Gurlukovich Mercenaries, plotting to take over the Big Shell, which secretly housed Arsenal Gear. Solidus planned to eliminate the Patriots, completely unaware that his partner in the plan was one of them. In addition, he was also ordered by Solidus to plant the idea into Fortune and Vamp that they hijack Arsenal Gear from Solidus as a way to "draw the Patriots' fire" while Solidus hunts down the names of the Wisemen's Committee.

After Fatman was killed after attempting to blow up the Big Shell, Ocelot reported to Solidus the possibility that Fatman was actually planted by the Patriots, gave the damage report for Shell 2, had planted the Semtex around the Shell connecting bridge, and got Emma Emmerich to explain things relating to Arsenal Gear via truth serum. He also began feeling that his transplanted arm was beginning to try to take control again, and resorted to hypodermic injections to keep it at bay. He also had sore relations with Olga Gurlukovich, the new leader of the Gurlukovich Mercenaries, due to her belief that Ocelot abandoned her father when he was killed. Ocelot also encountered Raiden (an unknowing agent of the Patriots) prior to the death of Secret Service agent Richard Ames, and again, when he later assassinated U.S. President James Johnson.

He also was present after Raiden was captured on Arsenal Gear by Olga (secretly on Snake and Raiden's side), and suggested to Solidus that they use Raiden as bait to lure out the mole (referring to Olga). Although Ocelot knew that the similarities to the Shadow Moses Incident were deliberate, he nonetheless felt a sense of nostalgia to when he tortured Snake in a torture room similar to the one they were currently in. At the end of Raiden's mission, Ocelot revealed that all the events that had unfolded were scripted by the Patriots and that Solidus and Raiden were merely pawns and had been part of a huge test scenario for the Patriots' new GW AI; the only part that was unscripted was the appearance of Solid Snake.

Snake's appearance was actually engineered by Liquid's personality. Through the transplanted arm, Liquid's "spirit" periodically possessed Ocelot's body with the goal of disrupting Ocelot's plans. At the climax of Solidus's takeover, Liquid's persona once again took control of Ocelot, crashing Arsenal into Manhattan and escaping with RAY although not before beckoning Snake to pursue him, as well as Snake planting a transmitter on his hijacked RAY. Afterwards, he headed off to take down the Patriots, although Snake theorized that the Patriots may have given Ocelot a bogus location to begin with.

Post-Big Shell

Afterwards, Revolver Ocelot replaced Liquid's arm with a cybernetic one.[23] Ocelot did this because the so-called "possessions" during the Manhattan Incident had caused an imbalance to his psyche. He then allowed Liquid's psyche to dominate his mind completely.

Guns of the Patriots Incident

See also: Liquid Sun, Solid Sun, Third Sun, Twin Suns, Old Sun, and Naked Sin/Naked Son

"Liquid Ocelot", in 2014.

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By 2014, Liquid Ocelot resurfaced to plan his insurrection against the Patriots. As the CEO of the Outer Heaven mother company, he controlled five of the largest PMCs and the benefactor of an all female mercenary group.

Using Solidus's DNA to enter the Patriots' AI network, Ocelot succeeded in taking over the SOP system and used it to disable every gun and weapon in the world. After recovering the rail gun from the remains of Metal Gear REX on Shadow Moses Island, Ocelot used Metal Gear RAY against Metal Gear REX, being piloted by Old Snake (Solid Snake). After REX and RAY were disabled, Ocelot retreated to an Arsenal Gear-class battleship stolen from the Patriots that he turned into his main base and outfitted with REX's rail gun. He then planned to use the rail gun's nuclear warhead to destroy the Patriots' orbital core AI so he could allegedly replace it with GW and control the Patriots. His battleship would be chased by a worthless fossil.

After Snake and Otacon uploaded a computer worm into the battleship, Ocelot's forces were defeated, though that had been part of his plan all along. While pleased at his apparent success, Ocelot felt that he still had a score to settle with his "brother" and the two fought one last time. Ocelot's personality slowly began to resurface as the fight progressed, using his signature hand gestures and moves that he remembered from his fight with Big Boss back in 1964. After his defeat, believing that he had succeeded in his plans, Ocelot predicted that, with the Patriots gone and the world about to descend into chaos, his goal (fulfilling Big Boss's "Outer Heaven") had been achieved. His last words to Snake, now with the Liquid persona fully gone, were: "I am Liquid's doppelganger and you are his..." and "You're pretty good" (the same phrase that Revolver Ocelot said to Solid Snake in 2005 and that Big Boss said to Ocelot in 1964). Immediately afterwards, Ocelot's life was subsequently claimed by the new FOXDIE virus, designed by the Patriots to kill him along with EVA and Big Boss.

After death

Little did Liquid Ocelot realize, however, that Sunny modified the computer worm to prevent the total collapse of civilization he had predicted, as Otacon explained soon after the fight was over. However, despite this, his plan did nonetheless leave America in a position to give up unilateralism as well as many other countries bankrupt from their use of PMCs and in a huge debt over their use of them, to which not even passing laws for regulating the use of PMCs would be enough in regards to paying it off.[24]

Personality and traits

A cunning operative and an expert marksman, Ocelot was renowned for his prowess on the battlefield as well as his deceitful nature and his penchant for torture. His marksmanship skills were demonstrated as early as the Virtuous Mission, when, back when he was still using a Markov, he proceeded to kill a KGB soldier trying to hide from him simply via the use of the bullet's ricochet. Likewise, he also proceeded to kill Sergei Gurlukovich and Scott Dolph by firing at them despite having discarded his trenchcoat right in front of himself, and also managed to subsequently gun down several Gurlukovich mercenaries before they could get the chance to avenge their leader.

In his earlier years as a GRU major, Ocelot originally did not approve of the torture used by his superior Colonel Volgin. He was also dead set against killing his own comrades, especially his own fellow countrymen. However, after witnessing Volgin's torture sessions with Granin and Naked Snake in Groznyj Grad, he developed a fondness for the practice, believing it to be "the ultimate form of expression." Due to this experience, he would go on to torture many individuals in a similar manner throughout his career, often with a preference for the application of electrical shocks. Despite being a renowned sadist, he dismissed the word "torture" in reference to his interrogation techniques.[25]

As a young man, Ocelot was extremely arrogant, overly confident and had a large ego. He enjoyed showing off and was quick to inform others of his rank and status in the military. Such as when a KGB guard simply referred to him as Ocelot, he then quickly reminded the man that his full title was "Major" Ocelot. He was proud of his shooting abilities and his own self believed superiority over others. However his first encounter with Big Boss, then known as Naked Snake, slowly began altering his personality. After being defeated after each encounter, Ocelot began utilizing Snake's advice into his own combat style, making him a more effective gun fighter. While still cocky, Ocelot became more level-headed, understood the mistakes he made and became a better soldier because of it. Despite his young age, Ocelot demonstrated a lot of potential, which caused Big Boss, known at the time as Naked Snake, to take a liking to him and kept Eva from killing him. Ocelot also developed a mutual admiration and liking to Big Boss.

Ocelot was also highly intelligent and a fast learner, learning CQC techniques from observation and eventually using them to fight Naked Snake to a stalemate. He was an expert of psychotherapy and hypnosis, such as when he made Venom Snake and himself believe that the former was truly Big Boss in 1984, as well as his planned ruse of assuming Liquid's identity in 2014.

In contrast to his more vicious and treacherous behavior, Ocelot had grown to display a more calm demeanor during the events of the 1980s. He'd also become noticeably more mellow when compared to his brash and reckless behavior during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. He implied, while commenting on his moniker "Shalashaska", that the reputation he'd earned as a torturer in Afghanistan was in part a cover calculated to keep Venom Snake safe while he was in the hospital. Ocelot, having finally inherited his mother's vast wisdom, comparatively speaking, acted as a voice of reason within Diamond Dogs, capable of making and enacting precise threats to obtain information from prisoners as opposed to Kaz's often hotheaded, sometimes bloodthirsty behavior. He often gave people the benefit of the doubt, even if they tried to kill Venom Snake.

One example being with Quiet, whom he tried to persuade to keep alive as a source of information. He didn't react badly to her breaking out of her cell to go with Venom Snake on missions as long as she behaved. Ocelot relayed his understanding of Quiet's motives as being "in love with the legend" which he likens to his own fixation over Big Boss in which he claims that he was "the same way once." While Ocelot insisted on interrogating the young Liquid Snake in contrast to Miller's disagreement and protest at the idea, he did not act violently towards him. Though his personality and methodology were more subdued at the time, he was still willing to use others to his and Big Boss's benefit, such as using the hospital staff in Cyprus as decoys and even deceiving Miller with regards to Venom Snake's identity while taking an antagonistic stance against him upon revealing him the truth behind Big Boss's intentions.

When Huey was exiled from Diamond Dogs, Ocelot displayed great maturity, stating his hopes that Huey would one day accept the painful truth and realized what kind of man he was.


Major Ocelot.

Owing to his deceitful nature, Ocelot displayed treachery when it suited his goals, betraying both Sergei Gurlukovich and Solidus Snake during the Tanker and Big Shell Incidents, respectively. His treachery was such that his triple-crossing nature was considered notorious by the 1980s.[26] When he was younger, Ocelot appeared to show patriotism toward Russia, always speaking up in defiance of Volgin's reckless killing of their fellow countrymen. He claimed to have no good feelings after killing KGB soldiers guarding Sokolov when he first confronted Big Boss, even with his affiliation to GRU, and he looked genuinely shocked when Volgin launched the Davy Crockett at Sokolov's research facility. Despite ultimately having no loyalty to Russia, Ocelot nonetheless did lament her state after the fall of the Soviet Union.[11]

In addition, he was also demonstrated to be disgusted with Huey's self-serving behavior, implying that while he himself may be treacherous when pursuing his own goals, even he has his limits.

While Ocelot seemingly remained loyal to the Patriots since their founding in 1971, his eventual transformation into Liquid Ocelot, and the reason behind his assuming of such a role, proved otherwise. Ocelot's loyalties had always been questioned, although EVA stated that his loyalties belonged to Big Boss. Many of his battle tactics (using a Single Action Army and learning CQC) were adopted from Big Boss's advice and observation of him. This idolization was also the reason why Ocelot joined Liquid Snake's FOXHOUND, due to Big Boss's former membership, although this reason was unknown to Liquid himself.[14] Ocelot believed that Liquid was the only person who could achieve his goal of true anarchy,[27] sharing the view that by creating a world of chaos, à la Outer Heaven, everyone would know "the fullness of life," with Ocelot likening it to "the Wild West all over again."


Revolver Ocelot.

Liquid Snake suspected that part of the reason Ocelot liked revolvers was due to his sadistic nature: the ammunition's slow velocity allowed it to be imbedded in the body, which required a long time for the body to heal, if the resulting wound could even heal at all.[28] Ocelot also enjoyed the thrill of reloading his Single Action Army in the middle of battle, despite the inherent dangers of doing so. By 2014, Ocelot had discarded the use of his signature revolver, due to the "Liquid" persona. During the 1960s, Ocelot had a habit of using signature hand gestures as a sign of respect or acknowledgement towards others. While the frequency of his use of said hand gestures would dwindle over the years, he would use them again in 2014 to signify his respect towards Solid Snake during their fistfight atop Outer Haven, as well as during his final moments.

Pinpointing Ocelot's true personality and motives has always been difficult since it's unknown which facets of his identity are genuine and which are part of his many covers; for instance, it's not clear whether he truly wanted a world of chaos as his Liquid persona did or if this was ultimately inconsequential to his primary objective of reviving Big Boss. In the end, all that's clear is that he nonetheless admired Big Boss to such an extent that he was willing to give his life to see him return.

Although Ocelot lost only his right hand to Gray Fox, he later had his entire arm replaced. In 2009, Ocelot took a hypodermic injection to supposedly prevent Liquid Snake's arm from exerting control over him. During this occasion, his heart seemingly gave two heartbeats, as heard by Raiden, using a directional microphone. By 2014, Ocelot had switched Liquid's arm for a cybernetic prosthesis to restore balance to his psyche.

While discussing his transplanted arm with Solidus Snake, the surgery of which was performed in Lyon, Ocelot mentioned that he "never trust[ed] a Frenchman." He implied in a conversation with Big Boss about Les Enfants Terribles shortly after the latter woke up from his nine-year coma that the reason behind his distaste for the French ways was due to their aristocratic manners and their praise of Catherine the Great, demanding they can keep the "palace talk."[29] Ironically, Ocelot was born in Normandy, France, and his preferred method of torture (electrocution) was developed by the French military during the Indochina War, and then used during the Algerian War. It was nicknamed "La Gégène," an abbreviation of Génératrice, which means "Generator."

His favorite animal was the Markhor, to the extent that he infuriated if one got harmed in close proximity to him. Aside from the Markhor, he had a fondness for the Ocelot. So much so that he adopted it as his codename during his Soviet days despite it being an animal originating in the Americas. He also acknowledged that the Caracal of Afghanistan was "cute", although it ultimately paled in comparison to the Ocelot.

Codenames, aliases, and nicknames

Ocelot was named for the species of wild cat that lives on the American continent, while his real name of Adamska is derived from "Adam."[30] Both alluded to Ocelot's American origins, with "ADAM" being the codename of the NSA defector assigned to meet Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. The name "Adam" derives from the Hebrew noun ha adamah meaning "the ground" or "earth," and is the name of the first man in the Book of Genesis from the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament.

Ocelot's nickname of Shalashaska (gained from the Mujahideen he tortured during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan) was derived from the mispronunciation of a portmanteau of the words "Sharaska" - a slang term for a suspicious, hastily thrown together organization which was also applied to secret R&D facilities in Soviet labor camps and "Shaska" - a type of saber from the Caucasus, for his legendary bravery and fighting ability (in tribute to Fyodor Arturovich Keller). When put together they create the word "Sharashaska" which then became Shalashaska.

During the Shadow Moses Incident and the Big Shell Incident, Vulcan Raven and Vamp referred to Revolver Ocelot as "General Ivan" and "Crazy Ivan,"[31] respectively.[32] Ivan, the Slavic variant of the name "John," is also a slang term for Russian people in general.

Unconfirmed history

The following information has been detailed in official Konami-licensed media, written by various external authors. Its status in the Metal Gear canon is unconfirmed.[?]

During his time in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, Ocelot was caught in a helicopter crash when his helicopter was shot down by Afghan guerrillas, and he still carries the wound that was inflicted in that skirmish. He also worked alongside Big Boss, while the latter was running his mercenary business in Africa. Ocelot may have received the FOXDIE vaccination.[33]

At some point, prior to joining FOXHOUND, he encountered and worked alongside Psycho Mantis. However, he became distrustful of Mantis due to his inhuman nature, and tried to warn Liquid Snake against trusting him, although Liquid dismissed it as simply being the rivalry typical between ex-Soviet operatives.[34]

At some point between 2005 and 2007, Ocelot, with EVA's help, utilized a prototype device meant for the S3 Plan that was stolen by the latter from the Patriots to begin his attempt at becoming Liquid Ocelot.[35]

Behind the scenes

Metal Gear Solid


Revolver Ocelot in the E3 1997 trailer of Metal Gear Solid.

The original appearance of Revolver Ocelot (リボルバー・オセロット Riborubā Oserotto?) in Metal Gear Solid was inspired by Western film actor Lee Van Cleef. Requiring a character who could speak about Russia within the main story, director Hideo Kojima made Ocelot of Russian descent.[1] His codename was originally to have been Lynx, though Kojima disliked the sound of it and decided to change it to Ocelot.[1] Ocelot's nickname of Shalashaska (シャラシャーシカ Sharashāshika?) is a corruption of "sharashka," which is an informal name for the OKB R&D labs in the Soviet Gulag labor camp system. Ocelot's overall spaghetti western design, as well as the character's fascination of the films, were also based on Kojima's own love for the genre, with the 1966 Italian film Django by Sergio Corbucci being his favorite spaghetti western.[36]

One of Ocelot's dialogues to Snake during the torture sequence was censored due to Ocelot specifically mentioning how the French came up with electrical torture.[37] In the American versions, the cut was poorly done as it had Snake saying "But I never heard that before" after the cut, though the European releases muted the line.



Because Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes incorporates some gameplay elements from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, such as First Person View, the battle against Ocelot is significantly easier than in the original, where the player has to find out where Ocelot was hiding and then use the sound source to shoot at him. Because of this, some fans, as well as a reviewer for the video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, consider the boss fight to be ruined.

At one point in Metal Gear Solid, Ocelot says, "We're going to launch that nuke and ride it all the way into history", which is a reference to the bomb riding scene in the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

In the post-credits conversation with Solidus Snake in The Twin Snakes, Ocelot claims that he survived due to the FOXDIE vaccine. However, the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database states that it is unknown whether a vaccine even existed.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

According to an interview with Yoji Shinkawa, Ocelot's missing right arm was originally to have been replaced by a mechanical prosthesis for Metal Gear Solid 2. However, it was later decided that Ocelot would instead possess a transplanted arm from Liquid Snake, due to latter's positive reception by fans of the previous game.[38] Originally, Ocelot was to have been unable to bend the fingers of his transplanted arm, but could do so whenever Liquid gained control of his body.

Ocelot's arm transplant was described as having been performed in Lyon, France, which was the location of the world's first hand transplant team. The first successful hand transplant was performed there on September 28, 1998, though the patient later had it amputated, after failing to follow the correct anti-rejection treatment and physical therapy prescribed by his physicians. On January 12, 2000, the first double hand transplant was also performed in Lyon.

In Kojima's "Grand Game Plan," it was intended that Ocelot, after boarding Metal Gear RAY on the tanker, would step on Sergei, rather than shoot him as he does in the final version. Ocelot was also to have held genuine loyalty to Solidus.

While this is the first game to establish that Ocelot was a spy for the Patriots, any other role he might have had in the organization is left ambiguous. Later games would reveal that he was also one of the founding members of the Patriots.

Despite being a colleague of Psycho Mantis, who possessed legitimate supernatural powers, Ocelot tells Fortune there's no such thing as "the supernatural."

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Ocelot appears as his younger self in the prequel Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The defection of NSA code breakers ADAM and EVA, the former of which was Ocelot, is based on a real life incident that occurred in September 1960. In real life, however, none of the NSA code breakers were named "Adamska," but rather William Hamilton Martin and Bernon F. Mitchell.

Ocelot young

Major Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3.

Ocelot's trademark gesture, where he points two fingers as if a gun, was ad-libbed by Kanazawa Tarou, Ocelot's motion capture actor.[39] In addition, Tarou recalled that doing motion capture for Ocelot was troublesome, largely because his character was already confirmed to live through the game thanks to the prior games. He also mentioned that Kojima had to warn him that just because Ocelot doesn't die doesn't mean he can do "whatever he wants."[40]

The scene where EVA escapes from Ocelot's grip was originally intended to be much longer: EVA jumps down from the platform after kicking Ocelot, and Ocelot jumps down after her. Ocelot grabs her just as she boards her motorcycle, causing Snake to hesitate in pulling the trigger, as he'd risk hitting EVA if he attempted to shoot Ocelot. EVA then hits the accelerator hard and raises it in a similar fashion to a horse and attempts to hit Ocelot with the raised front wheel. Ocelot is hit, but won't let go, with EVA attempting to stand on the raised tire with the struggle continuing. This ultimately was cut from the final version, and was instead replaced with Ocelot falling off the platform after being kicked by EVA.[41]

The cutscene in which close-ups of Ocelot's and Naked Snake's eyes are shown in splitscreen, prior to their duel at Bolshaya Past Crevice, was taken from the TV drama series 24.[42] After the duel with Snake, Ocelot exclaims, "You were lucky! We'll meet again!", the same words that he utters toward Solid Snake under similar circumstances in the original Metal Gear Solid.

Ocelot is one of the few Groznyj Grad personnel who is seen inside the weapons lab's west wing in spite of being below Colonel-class.[43]

The license plate of Ocelot's M-72 motorcycle in Groznyj Grad, which he used to pursue EVA and Naked Snake, was 3756 KOT, the latter characters meaning "cat" in Russian.

A hidden Easter egg shows Ocelot secretly in attendance during Big Boss's award ceremony at Langley. Pushing the First Person View button when President Johnson attempts to shake Snake's hand will reveal Ocelot standing outside the office window behind Johnson, performing his trademark gesture. This scene hints toward Ocelot's involvement with the CIA, prior to the big reveal in the post-credits scene.

Although Ocelot and The Boss's familial relationship can be deduced from the game's storyline, it is not made clear whether the two characters themselves were aware of it.

This is also the first game to hint that Ocelot played a major role in the founding of the Patriots, due to the post-credits conversation. However, it was left ambiguous whether he played any role in directly founding the organization beyond ensuring the Legacy was retrieved for the United States until Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and to a lesser extent, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

Ocelot is one of the few antagonist/boss in Metal Gear Solid 3 who is not an enemy of Naked Snake, as he indirectly helps him on several occasions. His boss fight is also one of the few that doesn't contain any supernatural elements in it and one of only two canon non-lethal fights Snake has in the storyline (the other being the first phase of the Volgin fight).

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Ocelot was one of six unique characters for the first version of Metal Gear Online, included in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. His salute was his signature hand gesture, his CQC move was the regular CQC grab and throw technique, and he could only be playable by the highest ranking player, should that player pick the Ocelot Unit as his/her team. In the locker room screen, the player had the option of choosing the Single Action Army if playing as Ocelot.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Ocelot strategist

The placeholder image representing the "deviously cunning strategist" (left), alongside the original image of Ocelot (right), featured in Portable Ops.

Some fans had previously speculated that Ocelot was the "deviously cunning strategist" who had planned The Boss's death, whom Gene mentions to Naked Snake in Portable Ops. This was contributed, in part, by the game's reuse of artwork, which originally depicted Ocelot, though it was obscured by shadow to make it virtually unrecognizable.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

In the English version of Metal Gear Solid 4, Patric Zimmerman, Revolver Ocelot's English voice actor in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, voiced Liquid Ocelot. However, the casting for the Japanese version occurred differently due to the death of Kōji Totani, Revolver Ocelot's Japanese voice actor in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, in 2006. As a result, Banjō Ginga, Liquid Snake's Japanese voice actor in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 as well as Zero's voice actor in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Portable Ops, was therefore cast to voice Liquid Ocelot.

Tumblr m68p3t6EDs1rt0w3ro2 1280

Artwork of Revolver Ocelot for Metal Gear Solid 4.

Ocelot's codename of ADAM was originally intended to be reused for a character in Metal Gear Solid 4, described as a handsome Russian soldier. However, he was cut out of the game early in development along with Snake-Man.

Although Old Snake comes into close proximity of Liquid Ocelot on at least two occasions in Metal Gear Solid 4, the new strain of FOXDIE within Snake did not immediately affect him. It isn't until the Liquid persona vanishes and Ocelot's original personality resurfaces that the FOXDIE kills him.

Despite Ocelot's prominence as a major antagonist and as a boss, all of his battles against the player, sans Metal Gear Solid 4, are depicted as being interrupted as immediately shown by the following custcene during both of his respective boss battles in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 3; canonically, both outcomes are depicted as being inconclusive in regards to the actual winner of the fight. It is only in Metal Gear Solid 4 that the player is finally able to canonically defeat Ocelot (albeit as Liquid Ocelot). Before the final battle, Ocelot remarks that he and Snake still had "a score to settle." While potentially referencing Snake and Liquid's rivalry, this statement is also ironically true in regards to Ocelot's previous battles with both Naked Snake and Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the first Metal Gear Solid title not to feature Ocelot. He is indirectly mentioned in one of EVA's tapes to Big Boss, as the reason behind the assassination of The Sorrow, Ocelot's father, by The Boss, Ocelot's mother, in 1962. He is also indirectly mentioned in Strangelove's tape to Big Boss, regarding The Boss's confession to Strangelove of when she discovered that was pregnant with her child in the middle of a mission. He also was given a subtle reference in the HD version of the game, where his catchphrase, "You're pretty good", was the name of an achievement/trophy issued to players who successfully managed to shoot a soldier in the rear end and instantly down them.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, during Solid Snake's in-game Codec conversation with Mei Ling regarding Pikachu, Ocelot is briefly mentioned as Snake recounts the famous torture sequence in Metal Gear Solid, implying that the lethality of Pikachu's electric-based attacks pales in comparison to the interrogation he endured at the hands of Ocelot. He also appeared as a sticker, which can only be worn by Ganondorf. Its effects on Ganondorf is increasing his Darkness attacks by 17.

E3 Battle

Ocelot appeared as a participant in the Konami-sponsored event E3 Battle, where he defeated Twinbee and Winbee from the 1985 game TwinBee in the first round via his military might.[44] Ocelot then faced off against Liquid Snake in the second round, defeating him. He then promptly fought against the Beauty and the Beast Unit in the third round, of whom he finished off. He then proceeded to fight Raiden in the fourth round, only to lose against him.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)
Former member of the NSA, CIA, KGB, GRU, FOXHOUND, and others. A master of the Colt Single Action Army revolver.
―Revoler Ocelot's bio from E3 Battle

Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops


Major Ocelot's bio.

Ocelot also appeared in the Android/iOS game Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, as a character and as several cards. He was also tied with EVA and Raiden with possessing the second most bios on his site, second only to Big Boss himself, detailing his time as a Major in Metal Gear Solid 3 and his time as Liquid Ocelot.

PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale

Ocelot never actually appears in this multi-game crossover between various franchises on the PlayStation systems, but he was alluded to with the 2v2 matches, where one of the names of the lineups is "Revolver Ocelots."

Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Although Ocelot himself does not actually appear within Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes itself, he is referenced in the Déjà Vu Extra Op from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, with his dialogue in Metal Gear Solid being imitated and paraphrased by Kazuhira Miller during the end quiz segment. Miller also briefly imitates Ocelot in an alternate post-mission conversation for the same mission if the player doesn't recreate all the mysterious photographs, parodying the post-credits conversation for Metal Gear Solid. In addition, he is also an unlockable officer character for the Mother Base developer on the Ground Zeroes app. This is the second main series Metal Gear Solid title where Ocelot doesn't make a physical appearance.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Ocelot is the tritagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


Ocelot as he appears in The Phantom Pain.

On March 27, 2013, in the first official trailer of the game, Ocelot is depicted as encountering Big Boss while riding on horseback. He is depicted as having an aged appearance with gray slick back hair and mustache, while wearing a brown duster jacket, cowboy boots with spurs, red scarf similar to those worn by members of the GRU's Ocelot Unit, and having a revolver on his belt. Ocelot was also shown riding with Big Boss on his horse, while Big Boss is fending himself against a burning apparition resembling the long-deceased Colonel Volgin. Ocelot's identity was later confirmed in the E3 2013 trailer. On June 12, it was officially announced that Troy Baker would provide Ocelot's English voice.[45]

In another trailer, Ocelot is shown interrogating Huey Emmerich and overseeing the interrogation of Quiet.

On March 29, 2014, Ocelot was confirmed to be a Codec contact for the game, marking the first time that the player could contact Ocelot via the Codec.[46] In an interview, Kojima mentioned that Ocelot was going to be a buddy character. However, in a later interview with Dengeki Online after TGS 2014, he stated that although they planned to have Ocelot be a buddy character, the idea was scrapped for the time being. He also mentioned that they hadn't decided whether they would make him one by the game's release or not. Ultimately, he wasn't a buddy character.

On December 5, 2014, Ocelot was confirmed to be a playable character in Metal Gear Online 3 via the debut trailer for The Game Awards. In his appearance nearing the ending of the trailer, Ocelot managed to destroy Big Boss's hijacked walker with a rocket launcher, with Big Boss narrowly evading being killed by the blast. Ocelot then discarded the launcher and walked up to him while spinning his revolvers, clearly intent on fighting him. However, the very last scene shows Ocelot forced into a headlock while Big Boss poses for a selfie, implying that he lost the fight.

In an 2015 interview with FraggedNation, Troy Baker revealed that he interprets Ocelot's overall characterization in the franchise to be comparable of Cid from the Final Fantasy series in that each time they appear, they have a different role and appearance.[47]

According to Hideo Kojima's notes in the Piggyback Collector's Edition Guide's art gallery, Ocelot was given a more neutral role in the game in order to adjust the balance, as all of the characters lost something and seek some form of revenge, which would prejudice the story and game had Ocelot not been present. He also confirms that Ocelot and Kazuhira Miller are not friends/allies at all, and in fact, none of the Mother Base staff are buddies, only working alongside each other because of Snake, and would collapse the moment their leader ceases to exist.

Ocelot primarily acts as a secondary Codec contact alongside Miller. This is the first numerical Metal Gear Solid title in which Ocelot does not possess a blatant antagonistic role. He sparsely appears in-game, and only does so during a tutorial session as well as when debriefing Venom Snake of Quiet's attributes and characteristics. Oddly, in some cutscenes, Ocelot appears to be taller than Venom Snake, such as when Eli hijacks Metal Gear Sahelanthropus. However, in others, he appears to be slightly shorter. Ocelot's ruse and use of hypnotherapy on Venom Snake and himself is similar to his circumstance when made himself believe that he was Liquid.

Ocelot's change in demeanor during The Phantom Pain, combined with his lack of screen time, and his overall role in the game has come under criticism from fans, with some drawing comparisons to one of Troy Baker's earlier roles from 2013, Joel Miller from The Last of Us, and Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite.

Versus Battle

Ocelot also was an opponent on the series official website's Versus Battle, where he fought against Liquid and Solidus.

Master Gunslinger and Infiltrator
Revolvers Run Dry
The child of The Joy and The Sorrow, Ocelot’s myriad mercenary & spy skills allow him to battle and match wits with anyone
―Ocelot in Versus Battle; against Liquid
The Power of Revolver Ocelot + Liquid Snake
Solid Snake
The man known as Revolver Ocelot became known as Liquid Ocelot in 2007 when his mind became possessed by the clone known as Liquid Snake
―Ocelot in Versus Battle; against Solidus

Metal Gear Survive


Although Ocelot himself does not make an appearance, his trademark "You're pretty good" gesture is an unlockable gesture in the game, accessible by completing the event episode "The Encounter: Begin 1964 Event".


Metal Gear Solid/The Twin Snakes

Revolver Ocelot Twin Snakes

Revolver Ocelot's depiction in The Twin Snakes.

Prior to the torture scene, Ocelot warns the player not to use auto-fire controls in order to resist, otherwise he will know. Doing so will cause the electrocution to continue onwards after the timer has stopped, disable input from the controller, and will kill the player. The game detects if an auto-fire controller is in use by setting a button-press thresh-hold. If the button-press speed excedes this thresh-hold, the game will automatically assume that the player is using an autofire controller and will trigger the instant death.[48]

Depending on the player's actions during the game, Ocelot will have different dialogue in certain scenes:

  • During the fight against Ocelot, should Snake accidentally kill Kenneth Baker, Ocelot will shout, "You idiot!" during the Game Over sequence ("You stupid fool!" in The Twin Snakes).
  • If the player loses to Ocelot too many times, Ocelot will remark that Snake will never live up to the Boss's name (referring to Liquid Snake) post-battle. Likewise, Ocelot will also give a different response when his hand is cut off by Gray Fox.
  • Prior to the torture sequence, if the player hasn't saved in a long time, Ocelot will remark to Snake, "You really wanna travel down that long road again?"
  • If Snake is killed during the torture session, Liquid will berate Ocelot for "doing it again" during the Game Over sequence, with Ocelot apologizing. This is in reference to the supposedly botched torture session with the DARPA Chief.
  • If Snake submits to the torture, Ocelot will remark that Snake is apparently "human" after all, and that he intends to make well of his promise of torturing and killing Meryl if Snake submitted to the torture. He also calls Snake out on his submitting to the torture and placing Meryl in danger.
  • If the player refuses to submit to the torture session in the original PlayStation version, Ocelot reveals that Snake is actually the inferior clone, and that the U.S. President is the third clone known as Solidus, during the post-credits telephone conversation. He also refers to keeping "the woman" under surveillance.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • Shooting the markhor during Naked Snake's battle with Ocelot, at Bolshaya Past Crevice, will cause Ocelot to yell, "Son of a bitch!" Also, Ocelot will be overjoyed if the player, during subsequent playthroughs, managed to twirl the SAA, although he will eventually grow impatient if the player keeps it up and eventually shoots you out of irritation.
  • If Snake had any food in his backpack when he was captured by Volgin, EVA will reveal to him that Ocelot stole all of the food and ate it, during an optional radio conversation, after retrieving his gear.[49]
  • A hidden R1 moment shows Ocelot secretly in attendance during Big Boss's award ceremony. Doing this in the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection will earn the player the trophy achievement "The Cat's out of the Bag."
  • If Snake kills Ocelot after he is knocked unconscious in the Virtuous Mission, or during the fight with Colonel Volgin in the Shagohod hangar, a Game Over will occur. Colonel Campbell from the previous games will then berate Snake for causing a Time Paradox: "Snake, what have you done?! You created a Time Paradox!" Performing this in the HD Collection version will also grant the player an achievement/trophy humorously titled "Problem Solved, Series Over." Also, if the player wounds Ocelot during the Virtuous Mission, he'll be wearing a bandage on the wounded area for the rest of the game. During the fight with Volgin, if the player tosses up Rations, Instant Noodles, or Calorie Mates to Ocelot, he'll return the favor by supplying Snake with life medicine and ammunition for the Single Action Army. If the player shakes up Ocelot while he is unconscious during the Virtuous Mission, the player can also procure a mousetrap.
  • In the final duel onboard the WIG had four scenarioes, depending on the actions the player chose: Choose the loaded weapon and shoot Ocelot; Choose the loaded weapon and not shoot Ocelot; Choose the loaded weapon and narrowly miss Ocelot, and choose the unloaded weapon. Ocelot will either take both SAAs after the duel, or, if the player chose the final option, let Snake keep the unloaded SAA. This will also allow the player to use the SAA in subsequent playthroughs.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops recruitment

In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, the player is given the option to recruit Ocelot. Ocelot is not recruited in the normal manner, but is unlocked after completing the game, in the next playthrough. This section details how the recruitment takes place.

  • After recruiting Sokolov, the player will be informed of a Spy Report from the Silo Entrance that was never actually received. Head to the Silo Entrance and interrogate the Soviet Officer located on top of the bridge area. The Officer will mention "a man with twirling revolvers" who was seen in the Town.
  • A Spy Report from the Town will then be received, regarding a Government Official who prowls around at night time. Head to the Town at nightfall and locate the Government Official in one of the upper buildings. Interrogate him about the "revolver-twirling man," and he will mention that he went to the Airport to visit a friend.
  • Travel to the Airport and interrogate the FOX soldier at the control deck in order to learn the man's radio frequency: 141.23.
  • Recruit EVA (for more information on how to do so, see here).
  • Next, travel to the Ravine and infiltrate its communication building. To do so, find the Key located on the second level of a nearby cave. Enter the building and contact the man's frequency (141.23), who is then revealed to be Ocelot. After the following conversation, proceed to complete the game and Ocelot will be automatically be recruited in the next playthrough.
"Commander of the Ocelot Unit, an elite team of GRU operatives. Received special treatment as the son of a hero, enabling him to reach the rank of major while still a teenager. It was Snake who first suggested that he use a revolver."
―Official description in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Metal Gear Online 3

Ocelot is a bonus character for Metal Gear Online 3. He possesses similar mobility to those of the Scout-class, and his health and stamina are between those of the Scout-class and Enforcer-class. He also has the signature ability of "Shalashaska", which endows him with the following abilities:

  • WEAPONS+: Lv.3
  • TACTICAL+: Lv.2
  • LETHAL AIM+: Lv.3
  • INTEL+: Lv.3
  • OPTICS+: Lv.2
  • SHIELD+: Lv.1
  • CQC STEALTH+: Lv.2
  • FULTON+: Lv.1

He also has 27 ability slots, most of which are related to Intel, and as such technically makes him more powerful than Venom Snake.

His signature weapon is the Tornado-6, which allows him to either double wield the pistols, or otherwise use one in conjunction with a shield. It also allows for ricochets, with it only requiring that the player mark an enemy with the weapon to pull it off, as it locks on automatically.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

On August 1, 2017, Ocelot via an update became playable for FOB infiltrations, making him the first major character besides Venom Snake to be playable in the game. His head options cannot be changed, although he has a slightly higher camouflage capability. He's also able to do ricochet shots with his Tornado-6 revolvers.[50] This update was erroneously reported as having occurred on July 31, 2017.[51] Currently, his marking interrogation is left silent, and he cannot medal up, and his dual-wielding is ineffective.

His pose when successfully infiltrating an FOB has him supplying a variation of his trademark hand gesture and smirking.[52]


Non-canon appearances



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