This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Rodzinski was the president of private weapons contractor SaintLogic. He had possession of the Lucinda file, which his subordinate Thomas Koppelthorn demanded he hand over to him, but Rodzinski refused to do so. It was later discovered that Rodzinski had been involved in the events detailed in the Lucinda file and did not wish their contents to be publicized. When the International Criminal Court planned to undergo an investigation of the facility, Rodzinski planned to use his connections in the Government to keep them off his back, and presumably also planned to expose the other military bigwigs and politicians involved in the Praulia Massacre in an attempt to clear his own name or gain a lighter sentence, prior to Koppelthorn's revolt on the island. However, his politicians eventually reneigned on the deal and the ICC was about to arrive at the SaintLogic facility. Concerned with his own safety, he later attempted to escape the island facility via helicopter, but was shot down by SaintLogic security forces by orders of Vince for deserting them, and after making the mistake of telling off Vince and his soldiers to "take care of themselves for once."

Behind the scenes

The character of Rodzinski appears in Metal Gear Acid 2. Due to him wearing the United States Marine Corps' Service Uniform, it is possible that Rodzinski is a Marine with the rank of General (four stars are shown on his shirt underneath the service coat).