South African Natural Resources (SANR) was a shell company that "owned" the Mfinda Oilfield refinery. The refinery was used as a dumping ground for dead bodies infected with the vocal cord parasite while at the same time blaming the rebel group UNITA for restarting the facility. It was later revealed after Venom Snake destroyed the oil field that Cipher was behind both the oil field and the company SANR. It was also revealed by Miller that the company's head office was just a room in a multi tenant building; not to mention the closest it had to actually existing was an investment fund that gutted it via a series of mergers and sell-offs three years prior, which even that didn't exist by the time Diamond Dogs got involved: basically SANR didn't exist.[1] They eventually confirmed that the group SANR acted as a shell corporation for was Cipher, after eliminating several Walker Gears at Ditadi Abandoned Village.[5]

It was also involved in supplying the various PFs in the region with Walker Gear as part of Cipher's plans,[5] and also intended to manufacture and sell nukes anywhere.[8] A South African Arms Dealer supposedly acted as the president of the company, although in reality, he was simply paid to claim he was such by his superiors (implied to be Cipher/Skull Face, the true leaders of SANR) after being headhunted by SANR, and doesn't even know his contact, let alone was able to contact him.[4][3]

SANR had also been involved in the purchase of the long defunct Ngumba Industrial Zone.[6][7]

Notes and references

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  2. ^ CFA executive: A visit from the president! It's an honor, sir. We owe all our successes in Central Africa to SANR. That Mfinda Oilfield incident really was a shame. // Arms dealer: Shame is right. Now a bunch of mercenary dogs've gotten wind of us. Phantoms of a dead age. // CFA executive: Sir, I've been hearing that man at the oil field was Big Boss. The legendary mercenary. I was never told we'd have to face someone like him. Our contract only specified protecting the facility from the local villagers and militias. Protection against PFs backed up with modern tech is a different deal altogether. // Arms dealer: I've heard it all already. For now, we have an inspection to do. Show me around. // CFA executive: Understood. Let's start with the south hangar. Step this way.
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    Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: Boss, the client this time is a child. One of the children you rescued from that mine. He wants us to save the boy who was their leader. His name is Shabani, and he was the oldest among them. Several days before you went into the mine, he was taken away to Nzo ya Badiabulu. Our search turned up a place the locals call by that name. Ngumba Industrial Zone. Nearby residents are terrified of it. They say "the Devil" lives there. And that anyone who sets foot in it never returns. This industrial zone has long been abandoned, but it seems it was sold off a few years back to a certain corporation. SANR. And now the perimeter is tightly guarded by a PF. The reason is unclear. The same goes for why Shabani was taken away. But something is obviously going on there. Those kids from the mine really looked up to Shabani. The "client" has given us the last of their diamonds in return. Go get Shabani out of there, Boss. Whatever Cipher's up to in the region, Shabani might just be our best lead.
  8. ^ a b CFA executive: This here is the north hangar. // Arms dealer: Same size... this'll do fine. We've got all the space we need here. // CFA executive: What do you need hangars this big for? Isn't it about time I knew? // Arms dealer: Sure, why not? You and your men will be crucial to the next phase. We're gonna use this airport as a trading point for selling nukes. // CFA executive: Selling... nukes? You're... that's... // Arms dealer: That's what we're doing. Of course, distributing actual nuclear warheads is a big bag of problems. But what if you could assemble a nuke anywhere? Without specialized facilities. Without high-grade yellowcake. That's the new business model. Just imagine the market we'll be cornering. // CFA executive: You're not serious... // Arms dealer: I'm always serious. Your sales are going to be indispensable. And think - once UNITA has a nuke - the MPLA'll want one too. Payment will end up being more mining rights and the like... But ever since the oil barons crushed America's rail systems, there'll always be a market for oil. UNITA's diamonds will be quite a payday too. A girl's best friend, right? Ha! Now that's PR - every sucker's whining girlfriend is our marketing team. And the Africans are just wasting all that money, buying weapons to kill each other. The real world. Funny shit, right? // CFA executive: ... Tell it to whoever takes my place. We're warmongers. I'll admit that. We make a living on blood money. Without war, my men are out of a job. But we only got this way because all other industries were driven out of the region by colonial powers muscling in. I've had all I can stomach. // Arms dealer: Hypocrite. // CFA executive: Have you seen enough? Once the inspection is over, take me to Kinshasa like we agreed. // Arms dealer: So you wanna pass up the biggest business you'll ever see? Fine by me. Somebody'll take your place. It doesn't matter what you or I do. Nothing stops the tides of economy. Not as long as the big powers keep squabbling over all the wealth. // CFA executive: ...The control tower is this way. // Kazuhira Miller: They feed off the conflict, then turn around and blame the colonial governments? Now that's hypocrisy.

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