This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Snake's Revenge ship

The upper deck of the ship.

A ship was used as a cargo vessel to transport mass-produced Metal Gear 1 units to various countries. Along with the hold, the ship also featured a helipad and an ammunition room.

During Operation 747, Lt. Solid Snake infiltrated the ship in order to sabotage it and halt the Metal Gear shipments. Snake was forced to combat three grenadiers in one area of the ship, before heading to an ammunition room in the hold to plant plastic explosives. As the ship began to disintegrate following detonation, Snake headed to the upper decks to reach the helipad, for extraction by his helicopter pilot.

Behind the scenes

The ship was mentioned in Snake's Revenge's entry in the promotional pamphlet "10 Ways to Stay Zap Happy" to be a battleship, although in-game, it was simply a cargo vessel.


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