Simian Cinema is an unlockable mode in Ape Escape 3 that contains short films. To unlock, the player must film the performing monkey(s) with the Pipo Camera. If the player is spotted by the monkey(s) or captures them beforehand, they will not be able to unlock that specific Monkey Movie (in the former instance, the player must make the monkey(s) carefree again in order to film them). Once Free Play Mode has been unlocked, the player can go back to any level and film any monkey(s) that they missed. All the Monkey Movies can be seen at the Simian Cinema at the Shopping Area.

If the player successfully films and watches all 20 movies, they will unlock the Monkey Movie Studio. In this mode, the player can either edit a Monkey Movie or create their own.

Allusions to the Metal Gear series

Simian Cinema contains two secret Metal Gear related Monkey Movies based on Mesal Gear Solid. To unlock, the player must enter the password "2 snakes" at the title screen. To enter the password, the player must hold down the L1, L2, R1, R2, and Start buttons at the same time. Entering this password also unlocks "The Two Snakes" cutscene. The name of the cutscene is likewise a reference to both the Les Enfants Terribles project (an important plot point to the Metal Gear series due to two of the main protagonists connections to it) and the Nintendo GameCube remake for Metal Gear Solid, The Twin Snakes. The title of the first Monkey Movie, At Fort Alaska, refers to the plot of Metal Gear Solid and its remake, The Twin Snakes, where Solid Snake was dispatched to the Shadow Moses Island nuclear storage facility located at the Fox Archipelago near Alaska to quell a terrorist takeover instigated by the renegade Special Forces unit FOXHOUND. The title of the second Monkey Movie, Sons of Liberty is a direct reference to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and the titular terrorist group, Sons of Liberty.


At Fort Alaska Pipo Ocelot is expecting Pipo Snake to arrive at Fort Alaska.
Sons of Liberty A secret concerning Pipo Snake and Pipo Ocelot is revealed.


At Fort Alaska

Pipo Ocelot is confident that Pipo Snake will show up at Fort Alaska. Tamubeh and Takuo doubt that he will show up because it is too cold. Ocelot tells them not to underestimate Snake due to his special training. Ocelot then leaves. After Ocelot leaves, Snake is shown to be nearby shivering from the cold.

Sons of Liberty

Pipo Snake is walking when he is told to stop. Snake turns around to see his dad, Ukki Monda. Ukki Monda acknowledge that Snake is his son. Pipo Ocelot then walks in and calls Ukki Monda his son. Ukki Monda is happy to see his Ocelot. Snake then turns around and calls Ocelot grandpa.

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