This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Snake and Jimmy stand above Smith's corpse.

Lieutenant Smith was a member of the Delta Force squad that was dispatched to Gindra during the Galuade Incident.

Smith was the only member of his unit other than Chris Jenner to survive Black Chamber's ambush (the latter not actually being present at the time of the ambush), and was captured. At least an hour later, Smith encountered the recaptured Jimmy Harks, who ended up sharing the same cell as him. When the troops guarding their cell left due to Solid Snake earlier destroying the power plant, Smith aided Jimmy in escaping, eventually sacrificing his life to ensure Jimmy survived by taking a bullet that was meant for Jimmy near the entrance of the plant. His sacrifice would ultimately be in vain, however, as Jimmy perished shortly thereafter due to his handcuffs being rigged with explosives by Black Chamber's leader, Black Arts Viper.