The Smith & Wesson Model 459 is a second generation version of the American semi-automatic handgun Smith & Wesson Model 59.


Smith & Wesson Model 59 pretext

The Model 59, its predecessor, was developed around 1965 as a modification of the model 39 for the United States Navy. It was intended to be a large-capacity version of the S&W M39 that acted as the basis of the Mk22 Hush Puppy, and could take the 13-round magazine of the FN Browning HP35. Around the early 1970s, all-stainless-steel prototypes were issued to the Navy SEALs for field evaluation. Although they were ultimately not formally adopted, the gun itself was nonetheless released to the market around the late 1970s until it was shelved in the 1980s for the improvement.

The Smith & Wesson Model 459 was the improvement, carrying adjustable sights and checkered nylon grips. It ultimately was shelved in the late 1980s, although 803 units were created and utilized by FBI personnel and other paramilitary groups, the former with brush finishes and special grips.


During the 1990s, the S&W Model 459 was, alongside the Beretta 92SB-F, the standard handgun utilized by the United States Army's Hi-Tech Special Forces unit FOXHOUND.

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