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Snake tries to catch a monkey.

Snake vs. Monkey is a minigame in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater based on the Ape Escape series and is part of a promotional crossover between Konami's Metal Gear and Sony's Ape Escape series, which included a special mode in Ape Escape 3 called Mesal Gear Solid. It is set in the locations of Metal Gear Solid 3 and instead of a net, Solid Snake must stun them by using either the Monkey Shaker or Stun Grenades. In Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, two additional levels were included.


The minigame was created as a result of a joint venture between Konami and Sony for the releases of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Ape Escape 3, respectively. The minigame required a lot of refinement that was rarely seen in any previous game development at the time. Its impact was also strong enough for Ape Escape 3 to respond by creating the exclusive minigame Metal Gear Solid: Snake Escape. Both development teams also had significant respect for the other, as they each said that Snake vs. Monkey and its resulting minigame for the respective game Ape Escape 3 would have strongly stood in place of the original Ape Escape, only with a Metal Gear Solid 3 engine, and Snake Escape, likewise, would have stood in for the original Metal Gear Solid with an Ape Escape engine. Its development and professional respect between the two companies also made gaming development history. Largely because of this, it was re-released on Subsistence with two additional levels that, according to scientists, will max out the Fun Factor by 200%.

Snake vs. Monkey was not included in the multiplatform Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection or Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, presumably due to Ape Escape being a Sony owned intellectual property.


Spike and Jimmy (Kakeru and Hikaru), after being released for Summer Vacation from school, decided to daydream their vacation away. Despite this, however, the apes once again escaped: this time into the jungle. The Professor then requested Roy Campbell's assistance after declaring a state of emergency. Campbell decided that he knew the man needed:

Solid Snake was, ironically, dragged out of a vacation by Campbell at around 2:00 AM to head into the jungle. He wasn't too happy about it, although Campbell explained that they needed Snake. Snake then asks why they chose him, and also made it clear that he will not accept a mission that involves taking down Metal Gears, or rescuing VIPs or some old man. Campbell then states that the mission isn't anything like that. Snake does mention that he'll think about taking the mission if it involves "some hot damsel in distress." Campbell mentions that, while it's not a damsel in distress, it is a rescue mission... involving apes, or rather, monkeys. Snake is shocked at the nature of the mission, constantly asking if Campbell did actually say "monkeys", although Campbell is quick to explain that they aren't ordinary monkeys, and that Snake needs to infiltrate the jungle and capture all the monkeys as his mission. Snake then mentions that monkeys aren't really his thing, and that the Colonel should have contacted Spike or Jimmy about the mission if monkeys were the mission. Campbell explains that neither Spike nor Jimmy were available, causing Snake to remind him that he was dragged out of his vacation for this in exasperation. Campbell then stated that they needed him, as no one else would do it. Snake then tried to explain that there were other sneaking experts who would participate in a sneaking mission, like Gabe or Sam, with Campbell reminding Snake that he was the one who turned the leaf every time in the genre. Campbell then admits that he asked Snake to do the job as a request from the professor (Natalie's grandfather) himself, although when Snake asked if he was the one who invented the Monkey Helmet, Campbell mentioned that that was actually his classmate from high school who invented it. He also explained that he was Otacon's friend, and in fact it was because of the Professor that Otacon came up with several of his inventions. Snake then begrudgingly accepted the mission, and mentioned that while he isn't against catching monkeys, he'd "rather be collecting pants." Campbell then explains that the Monkeys fled into the jungle, and he needs to knock them out for capture, and after collecting all of the monkeys, his mission will be complete. He also advises Snake to shout out the password once he captures a Monkey.


  • Monkey Mask MGS3

    Monkey Mask

    Monkey Mask- Weighs 0.1 KG: The mask has the distinct appearance of the apes in Ape Escape. Naked Snake can acquire a Monkey Mask in the main campaign of Metal Gear Solid 3 by having Solid Snake complete all of the Snake vs. Monkey missions. Surprisingly, the Monkey Mask does not affect the camo index whatsoever. However, it makes aiming and observing the surrounding environment in first person view nearly impossible. Using the Monkey Mask is therefore unadvised. It does, however, have a use in the battle with The Boss, confusing her for a few seconds. Unlike the Banana camouflage, however, it did not make a return in either the HD Collection or Snake Eater 3D.
  • Camo unifo banana

    Banana Camouflage

    Banana Camouflage - Get the high score in every level in Snake vs. Monkey. Makes every item eaten taste good, however, is not good for stealth. Unlike the Monkey mask, it does make a return in Snake Eater 3D, although the method of unlocking it is different. It is absent from the HD Collection version of Metal Gear Solid 3.

References to other games and filmsEdit

In addition to mentioning Spike, Jimmy, the Professor, and Natalie from the Ape Escape series, Snake also references Samuel "Sam" Fisher from the Splinter Cell series and Gabriel "Gabe" Logan from the Syphon Filter series.

The names of the various levels are references to various films, at least two of which also partially reference the Planet of the Apes film and novel series:

  • Escape from the Jungle referring to Escape from New York, which was also an inspiration for the Metal Gear franchise.
  • Dragnet of the Apes being a portamanteau of the detective series Dragnet and the Planet of the Apes series.
  • Dawn of the Apes being a portamanteau of Dawn of the Dead and the Planet of the Apes.
  • Ape Fear referring to Cape Fear.
  • Gone with the Apes referring to Gone with the Wind.
  • Return of the Living Apes referring to Return of the Living Dead (Subsistence only)
  • The Apes of Wrath referring to The Grapes of Wrath (Subsistence only). The Apes of Wrath is also the favorite book of the monkey Andrew Oikonny from Star Fox 64, according to the Official Star Fox 64 Player's Guide.


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