This article is about the 3D viewer bundled with Metal Gear Acid 2. You may be looking for the eyepatch used in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The Solid Eye hardware later scrapped for a foldable cardboard version.

The Solid Eye (also known as Tobidacid) is a peripheral bundled with Metal Gear Acid 2 that allows the player to view images on the PSP screen in 3D. Most sections of single-player gameplay can be seen in Solid Eye mode, along with a variety of clips in Solid Eye Theater.

The Solid Eye Attachment

The Solid Eye bundled with the game is a cardboard attachment that clips onto the PSP in a manner similar to the pictured plastic prototype. Unlike "traditional" 3D glasses, which use red and blue lenses to create 3D effects through forcing the eyes to recompile an anaglyph image (i.e. merging two layers with red and blue outlines, respectively, into a single image with black outlines), the Solid Eye works by allowing the user to view a split-screen of two near-exact images (the split-screen effect is evident when Solid Eye content is displayed on a PSP without the attachment) and merge the two feeds into a single 3D feed by resolving the contrast differences.

Overuse of the Solid Eye attachment and/or assisted viewing of Solid Eye content can cause epileptic symptoms in some players. "SOLID ON!" and "SOLID OFF!" buffer screens are displayed whenever the player enters or exits a viewing mode for Solid Eye content, warning of these effects and providing a safe opportunity to attach or remove the Solid Eye as necessary.

Viewable Content

  • Single-player gameplay in Story Mode (Acid 2's Arena Mode does not allow access to the System Menu where Solid Eye Mode can be toggled for gameplay)
  • 47 "Solid Eye Theater" videos ranging from clips of Japanese costume and swimsuit models to cutscenes from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  • Images taken with the Camera in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence after said item is acquired via linking Acid 2 to that game
  • During a Codec Conversation in MGS4, Snake mentions that there used to be toy versions of the Solid Eye called Tobidacid, which Otacon knows nothing about.

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