The Sonic Eye is a sensor that displays nearby sound sources as animated symbols.


During the 1974 Peace Walker Incident, the Militaires Sans Frontieres procured design specs for the Sonic Eye in El Cadalso, Costa Rica. MSF's R&D team then developed a prototype sensor that was unaffected by surrounding objects, but could only work when the user was lying down or against a wall. Following further modifications, the Sonic Eye was able to display nearby sound sources regardless of the operative's body position. Afterwards, the sensor was primarily modified to consume less battery power, eventually requiring barely any power at all to function.

Behind the scenes

"Sensor that displays nearby sound sources as animated symbols.
(Rank 1) Not affected by surrounding objects. A prototype, it will only work when lying down or against a wall.
(Rank 2) Symbols are displayed regardless of body position.
(Ranks 3 and 4) Modified to extend battery life.
(Rank 5) Modified to consume virtually no battery power at all.
―Sonic Eye description from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


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