A splint is a device used for immobilization of fractured limbs and the surrounding joints.


In 1964, Naked Snake utilized splints in his field medical kit during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. He was forced to use them in the conclusion of the former mission due to injuries he sustained in his confrontation with The Boss at the Dolinovodno bridge, namely for his broken left elbow. During this instance, Snake also bit down on the splint so he could relocate his left elbow with his free hand. He later used one again to take care of a broken bone he sustained from a motorcycle crash in Zaozyorje late in the latter mission. GRU Spetsnaz soldiers stationed in Tselinoyarsk in the 1960s also carried them on hand. The splints in the region were made out of the region-exclusive Ezo Comfrey, as their roots were sticky enough to act as a natural adhesive, and thus could be used to hold broken joints in place.

Behind the scenes

The Splint is a healing item in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for use in the Cure Menu of the Survival Viewer. The player has limited amounts of splints in the beginning of the game, but can procure more either ready-made in certain locations, or by creating some from the Ezo Comfrey, identifiable as a squat bushy shrub with purple flowers.

During the Virtuous Mission, although the player could heal the injuries in any order, the cutscene shortly after a mandatory demonstration of the survival viewer has Snake splinting his left arm last.


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