A styptic is a type medical agent used for minor cuts to slow the flow of the blood. It is normally contained within a stick.


In 1964, Naked Snake had styptics in his field medical kit during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. He was forced to use them during the former mission, after sustaining injuries from his encounter with The Boss at Dolinovodno, Tselinoyarsk, including lacerations to his upper arms, his right elbow, and his abdomen.

Spetsnaz soldiers also carried styptics during their patrols in Tselinoyarsk. These were made from the native Chinese Plantains, as its leaves and seeds contained large amounts of aucubin, choline, and tannin, which allowed the plant to absorb blood loss and ease pain should it be mashed up.

Behind the scenes

The Styptic is a healing item used in the Survival Viewer menu in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The player has a limited amount at the start of the game, but can procure more either via ready-made variants in certain areas, or by creating some from Chinese Plantains, identifiable by the moss with long strands of grass.

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