The Survival Viewer is a feature in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It can be accessed by pressing the start button.


For more information, see Metal Gear Solid 3 healing items.

This mode brings up a screen with Naked Snake in the center, showing (if any) injuries or ailments Snake has. Pressing L2 brings up a list of medicinal treatments, which cure ailments such as poison etc. Pressing R2 brings up a list of surgical treatments, which can treat broken bones etc. When the required treatment has been selected, press Circle to activate it. Different injuries can be selected by cycling through them.

For some injuries, multiple items may be needed to cure Snake.

By spinning Snake around in the Survival Viewer for long enough, Snake will throw up when the player leaves the Survival Viewer. This can cure poison, if it was ingested.


This shows what weapons and equipment Snake is carrying. By selecting a list, the player can add or remove them by selecting them.

The weight of equipped items has an effect on Snake's stamina. Giving him too many heavy weapons (such as rifles) and his stamina will decrease much more rapidly. Food can also be selected through the weapons menu.


For more information, see Camouflage (Metal Gear Solid 3).

The player can choose to change either the face paint or the body clothing of Snake. After this, Snake is shown and the player can see how each change affects his look and Stealth rating. Some camouflage can also have other benefits, other than stealth rating increase.


For more information, see Food (Metal Gear Solid 3).

Using this menu, the player can view the list of food that is currently available. When the food is selected, the player has the option to either eat it or dispose of it.


This displays a map of the current area and any important features. e.g. buildings, explosives the player has laid.

Other appearances

The Survival Viewer never makes a reappearance in the games themselves (not counting re-releases/enhanced remakes of Metal Gear Solid 3), but it is alluded to in the fourth Snake & Kaz (Encounter) drama track included in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Heiwa to Kazuhira no Blues, where Snake used it to win a raw Arowana eating contest, both to Kazuhira Miller's shock and disgust.

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