Suture kit

A suture kit is a type of kit that contains sutures, also sometimes referred to as stitches, which are a type of medical device used to sew together damaged tissues after injury or surgery. Two types of sutures exist: absorbable and non-absorbable, which are automatically absorbed into the body as soon as they are healed and required to be removed after healing them, respectively


During the 1960s, Naked Snake carried a suture kit within his field medical kit during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. Snake was also forced to use it in the conclusion of the former mission after sustaining injuries from his encounter with The Boss at Dolinovodno's bridge, namely in regards to the lacerations on his upper arms, his right elbow, and his abdomen. He later was forced to use it the suture kit again, this time for both himself and EVA, the latter of whom suffered two lacerations from her crashing her motorcycle, including one from being impaled on a fallen branch. Spetsnaz soldiers also utilized suture kits during their patrols in Tselinoyarsk.

Paz Ortega Andrade was also outfitted with several sutures on her gut after she had surgery performed on her by XOF to implant a bomb inside her, anticipating the likelihood that Paz would end up rescued by Big Boss. After Chico discovered the surgical scars on Paz's stomach and warned Big Boss, the medic accompanying them was forced to perform surgery without anesthetic due to the unexpectedness of the discovery, removing the stitches so he could remove the bomb inside her, before stitching her back up.

Behind the scenes

The Suture Kit is a healing item that appears in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which is used in the Survival Viewer's Cure menu.


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