Svyatogornyj (Russian: Святогорный, "sacred mountain") was a forested area in Tselinoyarsk. Naked Snake passed through here on his way to Sokrovenno during Operation Snake Eater.


Svyatogornyj roughly translates as "sacred mountain" in Russian. The name came from an old folk tale about mountain spirits who passed through there on their way to Sokrovenno, the forest to the far north.

Svyatogornyj was northeast of Ponizovje. While under Soviet control in the early 1960s, the only buildings in the area were a provisions storehouse and a cabin in the eastern portion. The western part of the forest was also littered with traps.[1] The cabin in the eastern portion was originally a Dacha for one of Russia's high-ranking officials, but was eventually turned into a relay station, which also contained ammo and rations.[2]

Operation Snake Eater

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By August 1964, an M63 was placed within the relay station in East Svyatogornyj. Naked Snake passed through Svyatogornyj while making his way towards the Krasnogorje mountains. He learned from EVA that The End was waiting for him at Sokrovenno to the north. In addition, none of the GRU soldiers on patrol knew much about the area as it was out of their jurisdiction.[3]

Behind the scenes

Syvatogornyj South, Syvatogornyj West, and Syvatogornyj East are locations from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The name is derived from the words svyatoy (Russian: святой) and gornyy (Russian: горный), meaning "sacred" or "holy," and "mountain," respectively, although the full translation is given as "sacred mountain path" in the English version of the game. Access from the Ponizovje Warehouse requires Card Key A.

Syvatogornyj East was later used in the first version of Metal Gear Online, included with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, as well as the MEME expansion for the second version, in which it was renamed Forest Firefight. Because of this, Svyatogornyj East is the most recurring area of Tselinoyarsk in the Metal Gear series, appearing in MGS3 and the two versions of MGO.


Name Map Description Equipment
Svyatogornyj South 84 Svyatogornyj South is the exterior of warehouse, containing primarily plants and animals. There are no soldiers in this area.

Svyatogornyj West 87 Svyatogornyj West contains areas of heavy brush and poor visibility, patrolled by several soldiers.

Svyatogornyj East 90 Svyatogornyj East is an optional detour, patrolled by soldiers. The clearing contains a provisions storehouse where Snake can obtain an M63 machine gun.


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