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THOR .45-70

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THOR .45-70

THOR .45-70

The THOR .45-70 was Liquid Ocelot's preferred handgun, rather than Revolver Ocelot's own preference for the Single Action Army.

It is called a "Hand Rifle" in hunting. The 500-grain .45-70 round it fires has a muzzle velocity of 1500 feet per second and has incredible power for pistol - it can eliminate guards in one shot, regardless of hit location. But the gun's power comes at a price, due to heavy recoil and a single-bullet capacity.

Liquid Ocelot used the Thor .45-70 in 2014, Eastern Europe, with which he destroyed the remains of Big Boss (actually Solidus Snake).

Behind the scenes

This weapon cannot be acquired in normal gameplay and must be unlocked through an emblem or a code.

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