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TR-Cocoon 7000 was the artificial intelligence that controlled the Cocoon unmanned weapon.



In the early 1970s, TR-Cocoon 7000 was created by Huey Emmerich as part of the Peace Walker Project. The designation "TR" originated with the project's leader, CIA Station Chief Hot Coldman, who based the initials on those of Theodore Roosevelt, one of the four U.S. Presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore.

Peace Walker Incident

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

In 1974, TR-Cocoon was breached after the main Cocoon frame received heavy damage in battle with the Militaires Sans Frontières. One member proceeded to enter the pod and remove the AI's memory boards, before the pod itself detached from the frame and launched itself on an escape vector, using its built-in rocket boosters.

The AI's removed memory boards were later used in the development of the MSF's own AI weapon Metal Gear ZEKE.

Post-Peace Walker

A more advanced AI was created by the Patriots in the 2000s, designated TR, the initials of which shared the same origin as TR-Cocoon 7000.

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