TT77 Nosorog in use with a PF in Africa, circa 1984.

The TT77 NOSOROG was a Soviet main battle tank that was in service around 1984.

Background and features

Being a main battle tank, it possesses a powerful 125 mm cannon, high mobility and medium armor. It is equipped with a 12.7 mm VOL-GA K12 machine gun mounted on the turret. It boasts superior firepower and a better top speed than the M84A MAGLOADER, but has inferior armor, which was sacrificed in favor of easier mass production.


The TT77 was in service since at least 1984 with Soviet forces in Afghanistan, presumably replacing the T-72 from the 1970s.

Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

They would often be seen in Tank Units of Soviet forces in Afghanistan when Diamond Dogs operated in Afghanistan in 1984. Diamond Dogs was known to eliminate or capture these types of tanks as side-missions during this time period. 

Two TT77 Nosorogs were part of a tank unit helmed by a lieutenant colonel who was transferring from Qarya Sakhra Ee to Da Smasei Laman (taking advantage of the fact that the latter fortress had the Hamids being wiped out), although the tank unit was neutralized by Venom Snake.

TT77 Nosorogs often formed the core of Soviet Mechanized Forces. The Soviets later deployed three TT77 Nosorogs to hunt Snake down shortly after the latter neutralized several units of Soviet armor divisions that were being deployed to an Afghani operation against the Soviets. Venom Snake would also frequently encounter them during his missions in Afghanistan while searching for Cipher.

Several TT77 tanks were commandeered by XOF when they took over OKB Zero in 1984, with at least three being stationed directly within the base around the time Venom Snake infiltrated the complex, with Snake also extracting them. A number were later used in a futile attempt to stop a hijacked Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, with some being parked at the path to the Serak Power Plant.

TT77 Tanks were also part of the Soviet Mechanized Battallion that attacked Quiet and Venom Snake at Lamar Khaate Palace. A number were neutralized by the duo. 

Behind the scenes

The tank is likely based on T-72, a Soviet main battle tank that was optimized for mass production, as well as the T-80 and the IS-3 Heavy Tank. It has multiple variants, black and red in color, which are more prominent in harder missions. They boast heavier armor, and a more powerful gun, powerful enough to one-shot Snake, even through splash damage; they will also take down a fully armored support helicopter in a single shot. The red variant is the most powerful and sturdy, but the black variants are still just as deadly.


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