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"The Best is Yet to Come" is the vocal song for Metal Gear Solid. It was written and produced by Rika Muranaka and features Irish lyrics sung by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh, with additional arrangement provided by David Downes. The song was recorded at the Beech Park Studio, in Ireland, and was engineered by Philip Begley. A slightly cut version of the song appears in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots as an unlockable for the in-game iPod. The song is played when Solid Snake revisits the Heliport area of Shadow Moses Island in Metal Gear Solid 4. A sample from the song was used in British metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon's popular song "Shadow Moses", named after Shadow Moses Island. A cover version of the song performed by Donna Burke in English is featured in the soundtrack Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks & Covers.

Musicians Edit

  • Lead Vocals – Aoife Ní Fhearraigh
  • Keyboards – Rika Muranaka
  • Low Pipe, Bouzouki – Delan Masterson
  • Double Bass – James Blennerhassett
  • Fiddle – John Fitzpatrick
  • Percussion – Noel Bridgeman
  • Chorus – Iarlaith Carter, Stephen Mailey, Eimear Noone, Meav Nt Mhaolchatha, John McNamara, Cathal Clinch, Rachel Talbot, Sinead Fay, Sylvia O'Brieniarlaith Carter, Ewan Cowley



An cuimhin leat an grá
Crá croí an ghrá
Níl anois ach ceol na h-oíche
Táim sioraí i ngrá
Leannáin le smál
Leannáin le smál
Lig leis agus beidh leat
Lig leis agus beidh grá

Cuimhne leat an t-am
Nuair a bhí tú sásta
An cuimhne leat an t-am
Nuair a bhí tú ag gáire

Tá an saol iontach
Má chreideann tú ann
Tug aghaidi ar an saol is
sonas sioraí inár measc

Céard a tharla do na laethanta sin
Céard a tharla do na h-oícheanta sin
An cuimhin leat an t-am
Nuair a bhí tú faoi bhrón

An cuimhin leat an t-am
Go sioraí sileadh na ndeor
an ormsa nó orainne a bhí an locht

Ag mothú cailte s'ar fán
Cén fáth an t-achrann is sileadh na ndeor
Tá áilleacht sa saol Má chuardaíonn tú e
Tá gliondar sa saol
Creideann sé

English translationEdit

Do you remember love
Love from a tormented heart
Not fleeting, as with music at night
But an eternal love
Now tainted
Now tainted
Go now and reclaim it
Go now and love

Recall the times
when you were happy.
Recall the times
when you laughed.

Life is wonderful
Do you have faith in it?
Turn your face to life,
To eternal joy.

What happened to those days?
What happened to those nights?
Do you remember
How you turned to grief? Do you remember
How you turned to sorrow?
Is the blame mine or ours?

Our feelings grew faint
What caused our grief and fighting?
Can there be beauty in life?
If you seek it out.
Can there be happiness in life?
Let's seek it.

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