The Chinese Philosophers was the Chinese faction of the Philosophers formed after World War II.


With the death of the Wisemen's Committee and the loss of the Philosophers' Legacy, the whole organization lost control with tensions rising between the nations, and among the Philosophers, tearing the group and the world into three superpowers; America, Russia, and China. Cause and effect were as one; the tension between the three feuding remnants of the Philosophers was the hidden face of the Cold War as each group attempted to concentrate power in their own nation. One of the main reasons why the Cold War started was the rivalry and fight for the Legacy, between the three nations. All of the three nations were fighting for the wealth since they required the Philosophers' Legacy to win the Cold War and become the dominant superpower. In the midst of the chaos, the Philosophers's financial manager was able to maintain complete control of it when its leadership died.

Operation Snake Eater

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In 1964, the Chinese Philosophers had an agent infiltrate Groznyj Grad in order to retrieve information on the Shagohod and steal the Legacy from Colonel Volgin and the Russian Philosophers by the time of the Virtuous Mission. A week later, during Operation Snake Eater, the agent posed as EVA in order to assist Naked Snake (an unknowing agent of the American Philosophers). After Snake eliminated both Colonel Volgin and The Boss, EVA returned with data on the Shagohod but was subsequently fired for failing to retrieve the Legacy, because Ocelot (a triple agent of Philosophers) took possession of the Legacy for the American Philosophers. Later that year, the Chinese would use the data from the Shagohod to develop its own nuclear weapons technology.

The "end" of the Chinese Philosophers

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In 1970, Zero, in the aftermath of the San Hieronymo Incident, acquired the remainder of the Philosophers' Legacy with the help of Ocelot.

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Zero founded the reorganized American Philosophers to continue the omnipotence over the American government and way of life.


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