"The Hot Wind Blowing" is Khamsin's boss theme in "Blade Wolf DLC" (not included in the physical version of the game) verified at the release date into Platinum Games website and Ferry Corsten Twitter, on an interview on April 19, 2013. Also, is the final track of the album Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Vocal Tracks.

As the battle begins the instrumental version plays, but when Khamsin employs his final Ax counterattack, it transitions to the lyrical version, beginning with "Heat of the desert" and finishing with "Wind of destruction". After this, the song finishes with an extended mix and says the line "All men who bend their will" if the player has not yet defeated Khamsin in the last reaction command.

The song describes the life and vision of the soldiers in war, his mission, to fight without getting recognition at the cost of his life and regardless of the reasons, as a weapon taking orders, staying active despite the low, without surrender, by the welfare of others, making the necessary sacrifices, wherever and whenever, despite the manipulation that people may suffer in the media. And of course, the forcing of "freedom" upon others. Also, has a certain equality with The Only Thing I Know For Real, indicates the reflection of the reasons why the mercenaries fighting, only to endure until fate marks the end of his life, no matter what, a method of subsistence, the only thing they know and can do; survival.

«Wind(s) of Destruction», the last line at the end of the lyrics, has two references. First (in plural, with letter S: "Winds") is for Desperado Enforcement LLC., formed by Sundowner, Mistral and Monsoon, a comparative way to the life of a mercenary who takes orders, acts and disappears when he is indicated (in the same way that the wind carries the physical "destruction" caused in a territory by a lost and forgotten past war). And second (in singular, without letter S: "Wind") is a benchmark comparison, "wind of destruction" as the person who carried out the acts, the human weapon.


The hot wind blowing
Jagged lines across the sand
The crumbling buildings
In our minds are all that stand

Just like the buffalo
Blindly following the herd
We try to justify
All the things that have occurred

I don't know what I’ve been told
But the wishes of the people can’t be controlled
I don't know what I’ve been told
But the wishes of the people can’t be controlled

Heat of the desert
Dust settles on my face
Without a compass
The soldier knows no disgrace

Out of the ashes
The eagle rises still
Freedom is calling
To all men who bend their will

Here I am
Dirty and faceless
Waiting to heed your instruction

On my own
Invisible warrior
I am a wind of destruction

All men who bend their will

We fight for justice
In a forgotten place
Fulfill our duty
Then vanish without a trace

Don’t need a medal
For all the men we kill
Freedom is calling
To all men who bend their will

Wind of destruction

[Official lyrics from Platinum Games - Do not modify]

Credits and original composition

Written by Jamie Christopherson
Lyrics by Jamie Christopherson
Produced and Mixed by Jamie Christopherson
Additional Production by Ferry Corsten
Remixed by Akira Takizawa
Vocals Recorded by Logan Mader
Vocals: John Bush (courtesy of Metal Blade Records)
Guitars: Aaron Kaplan and Graeme Cornies
Drums: Ralph Alexander
Programming: Ferry Corsten and Jamie Christopherson

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