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The Mbele Squad were group of child soldiers that Venom Snake encountered in 1984.


The Mbele Squad was fighting in a civil war between Mbele and Buta ethnic groups, but they were eventually taken prisoner by Buta soldiers and forced to work in the Kungenga Mine. Their commander, Shabani, was later moved to the Ngumba Industrial Zone for experimentation after hitting puberty. Venom Snake's mission was to eliminate them but instead he faked their deaths and took them to Mother Base.

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Although Snake considered making them child soldiers, Kazuhira Miller absolutely refused, even quickly disarming one of the kids after the latter stole a gun. They later requested that the Diamond Dogs save their former commander, Shabani, giving them the diamonds they had left as payment, although Snake ultimately was unable to save him thanks to Skull Face, Tretij Rebenok, and the Man on Fire. Later, the children met Eli. They also lost Shabani's necklace in a vat of chlorine disinfectant, an action that was implied to have been instigated by Eli, although they got it back when Quiet risked her life by going into the vat and retrieving it. When Venom Snake brought the children back, they helped Eli fix Metal Gear Sahelanthropus and left Mother Base alongside at least four other children aboard a hijacked helicopter to create the Kingdom of the Flies.