"The Stains of Time" is the boss theme and character song for Monsoon in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Its lyrics depict a storm that washes away all reasons for fighting and hope for a peaceful life, and only allows for hatred to remain.

Aside from the fight against Monsoon himself, it also plays when fighting against his spare body in R-04.

The song will also be included in the BGM for the version 1.02 update for Metal Gear Online 3, titled "MGR MONSOON."


Wash away the anger

Here I stand beneath the warm and soothing rain

The droplets falling gently down on the terrain

Wash away the sorrow all the stains of time

But there’s no memory it’s only dry inside

In the mud and sinking deeper

Into a peaceful life

And it will come like a flood of pain

Pouring down on me

And it will not let up

Until the end is here

And it will come through the darkest day

In my final hour

And it will never rest until the clouds are clear

Until it finds my dreams have disappeared

My dreams disappear

Official lyrics from Platinum Games

Credits and original compositionEdit

Written by: Logan Mader & Jamie Christopherson
Lyrics by: Logan Mader & Jamie Christopherson
Recorded by: Logan Mader
Produced by: Logan Mader & Jamie Christopherson
Mixed by: Logan Mader
Remixed by: Maniac Agenda
Vocals: Kit Walters
Guitars: Johnny Death, Nita Strauss, Logan Mader
Drums: Ralph Alexander
Bass: Logan Mader
Additional Synth Programming: Geoff Daigle (Night Bandit)