• ok, so we all know big boss is alive all the way through metal gear solid 4. but how come in metal gear solid 1 the terrorist were demanding the body of big boss, if he wasnt dead?

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    • Because only the Patriots knew he wasn't dead. Everyone else, including Liquid and all his henchmen, thought Snake succeeded in killing Big Boss in Zanzibar Land. Big Boss was in a nano machine induced coma with a badly damaged body. When you see him in MGS4 his body has been repaired using parts from Liquid and Solidus (hence Solidus' body has no skin or limbs).

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    • They had but assumed his death. it is later revealed that Big Boss' "body" was later recovered by... i believe it was either doctor madnar or some one else.... im not too sure.... but he was recovered, and using nano technology put into a comatose state and sent into hiding. though he was badly burned, near death, he was indeed able to survive the events

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    • no wait! it was major Zero who recovered him, not Madnar... My bad :)

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