• Kojima and his friends(when i mean friends i mean Avi Arad and Konami) dont seem to be backing down from this idea and they look like they are bringing it out(Heres a link ).Honestly i DO NOT think this is gonna be any good and will sadly just suck. In the end it will help Kojima fulfill his movie director fantasy but how good will it actually be. Here are the problems it will probably face:

    I. The problem will probably be characterisation and film length first. Since its restricted to a 1-2hr length the movie will have poor characterisation(or at least just worse/less) than in the real mgs games and since most of it was told through character dialogue,exchanges and relationships b/w all these people and how they relate to the plot i fear the overall plot may be viewed differently in the end due to the fact that the newer audience/movie audience will see the characters differently and thus the plot may be interpreted differently due to people thinking characters having different motives and the lot. So im guessing in the end it will proably end up like Metal Gear Solid:Bande Dessinée(For those of you who havent seen it you can watch it here on Youtube which in all honestly wasnt completely bad(Mostly bad with unecessary dialogue changes and situational ones as well but there were a few additions that were cool but there was only one or two of those). In conjunction with the length of the movie they might not be able to everything they want with it and might see some story elements dumbed down.

    II. Adapting from source material. This is VERY dangerous b/c when adapting from source material such as  game they will run various problems such as removing elements which made the games so memorable to some fans. I think they should do an original story with some other people but they'll probably do Solid Snake and Shadow Moses. This will create fan rage(with good reason i might add),sending death threats and such to directors and film companies which will cause a hueg divide b/w fans and the creators.

    In the end, i dont know how the final product will be but with the rich and vast universe of Metal Gear im sure they could make something original but i think they're gonna do an adaption which in the end fans may end up hating and may just flop i the end. I WANT AN AWESOME KICK ASS Metal Gear movie but i have my doubts. What do you guys(and gals if any...) think of this? One thing is a script another is casting. Im guessing it could either be a flop or it could be another Resident Evil(film series).

    PS-It would funny as hell if they announce that Keifer Sutherland is Solid Snake in the mgs live action movies

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    • The Only way it can be in any way, high quality and true to source material would be for it to be 100% 3d animated with a mostly returning cast, it might not reach excessive heights but it would have a chance at doing the IP justice.

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    • In that case, we better brace ourselves for another Tomb Raider esque movie(and i dont mean the first one)

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    • Metal Gear is a story that takes advantage of what films cannot do. if metal gear solid was a movie what would it be? It would be a run of the mill 80s action flick, been done thousands of times, but within gaming it is relatively unique. it cannot be a quality movie.

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    • I suppose your right but in any case i dont think it will be successful in the Box Office and unfortunately i think Kojima will follow it through NO MATTER WHAT since he's kinda always wanted to be a film director as you can deduce from his love of movies. In short he's a little bit like a male version of Paramedic from MGS3 minus the medical expertise.

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    • I've said it before, a movie made with the fox engine would be fantastic, don't have to worry about actors looking like actual characters, don't have to worry about shitty visual FXs. All you need is voice acting. that's why I liked the resident evil CGI movies.

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