• So just a thought, do you think that Kojima might try to do the whole time travel thing? Seems silly but here is my thinking why it is a possibility:

    One, Kojima has already opened the door to that possibility with the Raiden mission in Ground Zeroes. At first I thought it was just a fun level as a one off, however, the loading message before the level seems to put a lot of thought into just a fun level. I could totaly be wrong though.

    Two, the confusing timeline and several retcons (appearances from MG2 and how characters look now, Grey Fox timeline, etc) may have Kojima wanting to "Days of Future Past" us and be like all "anything after a certain game didn't actually happen" with only Raiden (or whomever) remebering anything from the "past" games. I say Raiden because he is from the future and him,  Otacon, and Sunny make a time machine and have Raiden go back and stop Big Boss at a certain point...i really don't know it's just a thought. 

    Third, we have seen very little about what happens after the Kaz rescue mission. Could just be to conceal the story but still. Kojima also has hinted that he wanted to "reinvent the series" and "this is for surez my last games guyzz lolz" so maybe he is going to make something happen in Phantom Pain to where the timeline changes and games after that are made by different designers and make their own Metal Gear story,

    I know this is not very strong evidence (at all) it was just something i thought whilst bored at work today. Time travel in fiction is neat idea but i kinda hate it at the same time because it can be used as a cop-out for poor timelines or B.S. answers for LOST. It would seem to reconcile Big Boss losing limbs that was not mentioned or Kaz (We never really see kaz full body other than Peace Walker)

    Anywho let us debunk and discuss away!

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    • Pinkshoelace...calm down.

      The timetravel Raiden is, has and always will be just a joke for Kojima to pull. Remember Metal Gear Raiden Snake Eraser? Same deal with Jamias Vu, just the second is playable.

      If Hideo were to Days of Future Past Us. I really wouldn't mind but if he did he'd have to unretire Roy Campbell, which is something I am doubting he is willing to do after his friend's death.

      We know fully well Snake and Kaz having a sort of falling out after just prior to Solid joining FOXHOUND when said person was in his 20's, so I don't think a lot of time would be showing of them arguing as that would possibly show spoilers.

      All in all relax, I don't think Hideo's going to DOFP us just to continue making a game series he's gone on record to say he's getting tired of making.

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    • Eh, I do not think there is any strong evidence in there at all. First of all, Raiden in the Deja Vu mission was originally exclusive (untill they decided to have it on both platforms). The comment Kaz makes about seeing Raiden again more so hints to a possible Rising 2 (which would be awesome) IMO rather then seeing him again in TPP.

      A Days of Future Past would be interesting but it would not at all fit the theme of race and revenge, nor would it really fit the whole idea of personally going through Big Boss's descent into "evil" and becoming the villian we know in MG1 and MG2.

      As for Kojima reinventing the series, that's already happening, the darker tone, the more realistic approach, even though he keeps some pretty unrealistic things in there and a bunch of humor during gameplay, the story is far darker then previous one's and Big Boss looks a lot more realistic then he ever has been, both appearance wise and movement wise.

      As for showing nothing beyond the Kaz mission, not really true. We've seen bits of what happens after Kaz, the torture scenes, the ash scenes, the war children, Big Boss meeting with Skull Face. But showing us more (like they did with Ground Zeroes) would just ruin their own story and spoil it all.

      All in all, I don't think Kojima would use the time travel thing, unless it was in the same way as the Secret Theater video from MGS3, Snake Eraser, with Raiden trying to kill Big Boss so that he'll be the main character.

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