• I'm very confused on this point.

    My theory is that Liquid's initial plan was to destroy JD and use GW to take control of it (and afterwords possibly use another virus to destroy the AIs himself) - however as an 'insurance policy' he had Naomi create the FOXALIVE virus so that even if Snake succeeded in his mission the AIs would still be destroyed, therefore he wins either way.

    The theory that "Liquid allowed snake to win" makes no sense, since he's actively trying to kill you throughout the course of the game. Not to mention he could've just had Naomi upload the virus into GW herself, rather than rely on Snake to do it.


    On other area of confusion - the Wiki says that Naomi sent a message intended for Big Boss before she died - informing him that Snake's new FOXDIE virus erased the old one, and that he won't have to end his life to prevent becoming a biological weapon. But why would she send this to Big Boss? Why didn't she just tell Snake this to his face when she had many opportunities to do so (such as on Shadow Moses)?

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