A truck driver affiliated with Rogue Coyote was active during the 1980s, until he was killed disobeying a direct order.


The truck driver had been assigned at one point to guard the entrance to the Ngumba Industrial Zone. However, despite being ordered not to go through the tunnel, he did so and stumbled upon the factory inside. His conscience got the better of him and he attempted to free the prisoners being experimented upon. However, before he could make it out, one of the guards spotted the driver and reported it to his superiors, after which the Parasite Unit arrived and shot him on sight. His body was then burned with his truck. His successor had heard that the driver was killed in the line of duty, though could not get confirmation until he met a fellow soldier near the tunnel, the same one who had reported his predecessor earlier.[1][2][3] The Diamond Dogs leader Venom Snake, who at the time had been tailing the succeeding driver to find the Ngumba Industrial Zone in an attempt to rescue the former leader of the Mbele Squad, Shabani, had learned of the driver's fate from overhearing this conversation.

Behind the scenes

The predecessor truck driver is a minor character in Episode 20 "Voices." He is never seen in person due to his implied death, although he is frequently mentioned via the three conversations with his successor.


Notes and references

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    Rogue Coyote officer: Haven't seen you before. You new? // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Yes. I'm transporting provisions. Is the riverside guard post up ahead? // Rogue Coyote officer: Yeah, but you can't make it to the river by vehicle. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: So it's true that the last driver died there...? // Rogue Coyote officer: What? No.. // Rogue Coyote truck driver: Should I be worried about those burned-up bodies at the station? // Rogue Coyote officer: Enough questions. That happens all the time on the battlefield. The route map is in the tent over there. Better study it. Rogue Coyote truck driver: Yes, sir.
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