In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (MPO+), a group of promotional soldiers are downloadable via a passcode. There are fifty-one soldiers in all, each representing a state in the United States of America plus its national capital, Washington, D.C. Similar to the unique character Gako, these are all Soviet soldiers dressed in special camouflage clothing in lieu of their traditional yellow uniforms. Unlike Gako, however, they aren't considered unique characters and thus, are expendable. They are exclusive to the North American version of the game, and are given specific colors depending on the region the soldier's representing state hails from (red for southwest, blue for west, green for Midwest, orange for the southeast, purple for the northeast/Washington, D.C., and yellow for the border states of Texas and Oklahoma), plus a name specifying the state they represent on the front and the state map on the back, similar to the Japanese prefecture promotional soldiers. The U.S. local soldiers were later referenced in the first MG America Fact on the official Metal Gear Twitter account, which referenced their unlockability in MPO+, and also included three pictures, two of which depicted the California and Alaskan soldiers.[1] When asked whether the U.S. soldiers are accessible and the online functions for the game on this post, the official Twitter account replied that, while the online functions are down in the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV versions, the players still should be able to access the soldiers in the game itself.[2]

Portable Ops Plus passwords

  • Arizona ZHEFPVV947
  • California 6MSJQYWNCJ8
  • Colorado W6TAH498DJ
  • Nevada Z9D4UGG8T4U6
  • New Mexico RGJCMHNLSX
  • Montana 9FYUFV29B2Y
  • Utah V7VRAYZ78GW
  • Alaska XL5SW5NH9S
  • Nebraska MCNB5S5K47H
  • Hawaii TW7ZMZHCBL
  • Oregon HKSD3PJ5E5
  • Washington, D.C. Y5YCFYHVZZW
  • Wyoming C3THQ749RA
  • Indiana L68JVXVBL8RN
  • Iowa B8MW36ZU56S
  • Kansas TYPEVDEE24YT
  • Kentucky LCD7WGS5X5
  • Michigan HGDRBUB5P3SA
  • Minnesota EEBBM888ZRA
  • Missouri WJND6M9N738
  • North Dakota T5LSAVMPWZCY
  • South Dakota RY3NUDDPMU3
  • Wisconsin K9BUN2BGLMT3
  • Alabama BB6K768KM9
  • Arkansas VNRE7JNQ8WE
  • Florida A44STZ3BHY5
  • Georgia VD5H53JJCRH
  • Louisiana EHR5VVMHUSG
  • Mississippi TBF7H9G6TJH7
  • North Carolina JGVT2XV47UZ
  • South Carolina ZR4465MD8LK
  • Tennessee TD2732GCX43U
  • Virginia DRTCS77F5N
  • West Virginia 72M8XR99B6
Northeast/Washington D.C.
  • Connecticut 2N2AB3JV2WA
  • Delaware AJRL6E7TT9
  • Maine T5GYHQABGAC3
  • Maryland L2W9G5N76MH7
  • Massachusetts ZLU2S3ULDEVF
  • New Hampshire 7NQYDQ9Y4KMP
  • New Jersey LGHTBU9ZTGR
  • New York 6PV39FKG6X
  • Pennsylvania PL8GVVUM4HD
  • Rhode Island MMYC99T3QG
  • Vermont L7T66LFZ63C8
  • Washington G3S4N42WWKTV
Border states
  • Oklahoma ZQT75NUJH8A3
  • Texas QM84UPP6F3


Notes and references

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