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November 4, 2009
  • I live in Dunwoody, Georgia
  • I was born on February 14
  • I am Male
Weedle McHairybug
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Biographical information
Real name Eric James Otness
Also known as Weedle McHairybug
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Born February 14th, 1990
Physical description
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black/Brown
Career and family information
Metal Gear information

Note: Starting between August 17 and August 19, and going all the way up to December 17, I will largely be unavailable for editing the wiki, as I'm going to be at Oglethorpe University full time, meaning not only am I going to be doing a heck of a lot of schoolwork for Oglethorpe, but I am in fact going to be living on campus for all except maybe weekends (not counting breaks), and even then, it might require weekends depending on how well things go. After December 17, I'll be back to editing for the wiki. This goes for any and all wikis I happen to have edited on in some way, shape or form. It is likely to be only for one semester, though, though this hasn't been decided yet. It's also projected to be my penultimate semester at Oglethorpe, meaning I'm most likely going to be very busy even if I weren't living on campus. If the coursework is light enough, and assuming it isn't an upcoming test or anything, I can use the opportunity to edit, but this is for the most part only if the edit is important enough to require it.

Found and downloaded Remo's SSD restoration system and am planning to use it on my clone drive during the break. Hopefully it works, especially as I have some unfinished business to attend to on the MGO equipment page regarding image uploads (stuff I actually intended to do last year, but school forced me to put it off, and then the virus attack happened in October).

Will probably have to wait until January at the earliest to undergo the recovery, if not May 2014 to undergo the recovery (as January to May is most likely going to be my final semester at Oglethorpe, possibly even my final semester at college for a good while). Turns out the download was for the trial version, not the genuine article. As I ended up maxxing out my debit card getting some items (including Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color, otherwise known as Ghost Babel), I have to delay getting the item (which even with my food bill, will really put me in the item due to it being $99, $105 if one counts an included item in it). I have to do a lot of chores to build up the necessary funds for getting the actual system retrieval method, and I have to worry about a birthday present for my Mom and getting school supplies as it is for Oglethorpe (though the good news is the trial version seems to have detected at least most of the files that had been lost, which means I'll finally be able to complete it).

About meEdit

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Well, I'm autistic. I haven't really played much Metal Gear (actually, my first Metal Gear game that I've even played is Portable Ops, which I had only gotten recently. I have beaten it once though. My only complaint about it is that they have to make the limit to recruiting soldiers 99.), but I have gathered sources for Metal Gear related material through videos on youtube, guides, scripts, and other related material. Other than Metal Gear, I have also done edits for Wikias relating to Sonic, Dragon Ball, Resident Evil (even though I don't even like that series or genre), Unofficial Disney, Wookiepedia, Metroid, Zelda, and possibly others. I've also edited encyclopedias that aren't necessarily Wikia related (like Wikipedia or Bulbapedia). On a related note, I'm an active feminist (Ironic, seeing how I'm a heterosexual male... Then again, perhaps not [in regards to Irony, of course].), and I've been heavily involved in trying to bring back a character by the name of Misty back onto the Pokemon Anime. BTW, due to certain features of the World Wide Web that are negatives, I am not revealing my real name until I am certain that there isn't any threat to mention it. I will mention this, however. Weedle McHairybug is NOT my real name (and I'm speaking the truth). Also, my main place of residence is in Dunwoody, Georgia.

EDIT: Ok, thanks to mulling it over and talking with people, I decided to try and mention my real name.

EDIT 2: I know about Katakana and Hiragana, but I don't know how to actually type them in. Therefore, those who do know how to do it may have to change my edits relating to Japanese phrases (which will primarily be in Romanji) may have to edit them so they do speak the proper text. Also, a few times, if there is Kanji involved, I'll also use parentheses to designate that this is a Kanji letter.

My contributionsEdit

Current Metal Gear Wiki projectsEdit

Note: Will be done when time permits

  • Completing the DLC for Peace Walker on the Wiki, including videos of the AI weapon DLC voices, Japanese being highest priority due to there being two sets: Human Voice and Accented, and possibly videos of the long PSN descriptions in the Japanese versions if necessary (done all but the video uploads).
  • Uploading profile images of Johnny from MGS3 in Portable Ops Plus, as well as those of the three Magazine-exclusive passcode soldiers from the Japanese version (as a matter of fact, I ordered the Japanese Portable Ops Plus specifically to get the latter three soldiers).
  • Uploading all images of the equipment from Metal Gear Online (incomplete).

  • Uploading all Ghost Babel (technically Metal Gear Solid) codec conversations (bought the game).

Pages createdEdit

Note: This does not count images uploaded onto the site or posts on Blogs besides ones I actually created.

Early memories of Metal GearEdit

I'll be honest, I haven't been with the series since Metal Gear Solid 1, only getting into it fairly recently. The first game I actually played in the series was Portable Ops way back in December 2009. In addition, I watched gameplay videos of the series since 2007/2008, and I considered using stuff from that series in one of my stories.

Other than that, the only exposure I've had of the series beforehand was via gaming magazines such as EGM and Nintendo Power.

I used to try and defend Solid Snake mentally when Liquid stated that he enjoyed all the killing, but it later dawned on me that he could have simply said no, and after remembering that Psycho Mantis hinted at something similar, I pretty much gave up on defending Snake from being someone who enjoyed all the killing.

I also attempted to play Metal Gear on the NES, but due to complications such as the NES freezing up a few times, I haven't gotten around to the ending.

I also made a few edits to this website before I became a registered user.

Peace Walker passcodesEdit

Due to a virus attack on my computer, I have to rebuild from scratch some codes I got for Peace Walker that I intend to use on my PSP. When I have time (and given the amount of time I need to utilize College schoolwork, that will wait until Winter Break at best, and that's assuming I manage to recover all my deleted files in a manner similar to the reverse-engineering of Emma Emmerich's worm cluster to find the identities of the Patriot founders, and then save them all in a back up drive), I'll find my old Walkman W code, my Entertainment Bundle code, and my HORI code. For now, here are the Play Arts Kai codes:

Jungle Fatigues Snake: 5769154423412849 (Game 1: Save 1)

Sneaking Suit Snake: 5471423713249634 (Game 1: Save 2)

Chrysalis: 6408228647108132 (Game JPN: Save 1)

Pupa: 3433808484051051


I managed to find a backup copy of my Walkman, FOX/Stealth, and Hori codes, and I'm uploading them up here to ensure they aren't deleted permanently:

Walkman: 3267096102373679 (Game 1: Save 1; Game JPN: Save 1)

Hori: 8811651173989060 (Game 1: Save 1 Game JPN: Save 1)

FOX/Stealth: 5077303130445165 (Game 1: Save 3)


Also adding in the Mtn Dew/Pepsi-NEX passcodes:

Passcode 1/4 (Paz): 3613168583752170 (Save 1: unlocked Pepsi NEX shirt)

Passcode 2/4 (Galvez): 1831500670063469 (Save 1: unlocked Mtn Dew T-shirt)

Passcode 3/4 (Strangelove): 1832201480795828

Passcode 4/4 (Huey): 1831661738274381

My favorite pagesEdit

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