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    July 1, 2010 by Agent M

    I completed 'round about 60% when I wrote this, so I'll write about what I did. Well, VR Missions are awesome, and you get 7 characters [3 different Raidens and 4 Snakes (Yes!)]

    Disclaimer, I am 12, and this is how I view the difficulties.

    • Raiden: The rookie we play as in the Plant Chapter. Nothing new [(Very Easy) There from the beginning].
      • Ninja Raiden: A Gray Fox with Raiden's face peeking out, with his only weapon the H.F. Blade [(Extreme) Unlocked after completing 50% of Raiden's missions].
      • Raiden X: Only one mission for him, although it is divided into a few parts. His one mission: Streaking Mode. Yep, you read right, Streaking Mode. This is Naked Raiden (?) who has to "Streak" past the enemies [(Unknown) Unlocked after completing 100% o…

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