Hi. I would love to see Konami make a game based on Liquid Snake. Every game has been made about Solid Snake, Big Boss, and Raiden. I love all the MG games, owned and dominated all of them. It's time they come out with something new and fresh. They could call the game Metal Gear Liquid. Cause Solid Snake is done due to MGS4 and Raiden is up next. You got to ask your self how many more games can they get out of Raiden 1 or 2 tops. It is great playing SS and Raiden but it is so much cooler playing the bad guy. I would love a game like this so you could learn more about Liquid's history and background. Not only that it would open a new door in the MG series and the franchise would last a lot longer. This would be the next best move for Konami…

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