• Dr.Ed Argon

    I didn't have anything else to do with my time, so I decided to list similarities between Metal Gear Solid (PS1) and John Carpenters movie Escape From New York (1981).

    - Main character is Snake
    - Time limit is 24 hours
    - Both Snakes didn't volunteer for the mission
    - Both Snakes are infected with weapon during mission briefing (Solid Snake with FoxDie, Snake Plissken with two microscopic capsules lodged in arteries)

    - They go alone to the mission, with no other support than radio.
    - First person they supposed to rescue is a decoy (Decoy Octopus in MGS and some drunk who is wearing Presidents bracelet in Escape from New York)

    - Both get supported from person they've met before (Solid Snake - Grey Fox and Snake Plissken - Harold "Brain" Herman)
    - Bo…

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  • Dr.Ed Argon

    "Title given to heroes who battle it out to the end using all sorts of weapons to take down enemies with non-lethal force."

    Unlike other codenames, this one needs more tactical planning until you gain it. The part "battle it out to the end" means completing chapter 4 + 50 % of all missions (and your heroism must be at least 10 000). If you don't have friend to play CO-OPS, that means almost every single player missions. I have gained FOX codename myself without CO-OPS, so if anyone have any questions let me know. Let's start this guide by telling what you need to know.

    To get FOX codename, you need to use all weapons equally. That means every weapons category, from Handgun to Stun rod. Let's make it easy and write down to paper following tex…

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