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Similarities between Metal Gear Solid and Escape from New York (1981)

I didn't have anything else to do with my time, so I decided to list similarities between Metal Gear Solid (PS1) and John Carpenters movie Escape From New York (1981).

- Main character is Snake
- Time limit is 24 hours
- Both Snakes didn't volunteer for the mission
- Both Snakes are infected with weapon during mission briefing (Solid Snake with FoxDie, Snake Plissken with two microscopic capsules lodged in arteries)

- They go alone to the mission, with no other support than radio.
- First person they supposed to rescue is a decoy (Decoy Octopus in MGS and some drunk who is wearing Presidents bracelet in Escape from New York)

- Both get supported from person they've met before (Solid Snake - Grey Fox and Snake Plissken - Harold "Brain" Herman)
- Both get supported by female (Meryl and Maggie)

- Both get captured and go through torture (Solid Snake via Electrical torture device, Snake Plissken via death ring vs. guy who is twice his size)

- High-speed chase in the end (Solid Snake with jeep, Snake Plissken with Taxi)
- Chaser is the bad guy (Liquid Snake, The Duke)
- Both are rescued from certain death by luck (Liquid Snake is killed by FoxDie and The Duke is killed by The Presidents M16)

- Both missions ends within the time limit (S. Snakes missions time limit is almost over ["The battery on these nanomachines will run out soon. They won't be able to follow us." {Briefing files says that injection gave 24 hour batteries for nanomachines}] Snake Plisskens clock has 3 seconds left).

- In the end, both says their real name to someone else

Meryl: "So... where to, Snake?"
Snake: "David. My name is David."

Hauk: "We'd make one hell of a team, Snake!"
Snake: "The name is Plissken."

- Real data is stolen (Metal Gear REX data by Ocelot, Casette by Snake Plissken)

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