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    Here is how I saw it working (using Solid Snake as an example). the Solid Snake page would be a disambiguation page that linked to the others. For each game there would be a corresponding character page for instance Solid Snake(MGS1) This would only deal with information from that game. This could be started by taking the current MGS section and making it into an article. On each page would be links to the previous and next pages. Each character would get a category so that the character pages and other relevant pages could be grouped together. (for instance the bandanna page in Solid Snake, Big Boss etc).

    This would work in a point of view kind of way. So past events could be briefly referred to if it was relevant to current events. howeve…

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    Vamp is still a vampire

    September 1, 2010 by Drawde83

    currently we have a single page for each character. This has caused problems that could be solved in a better way.

    Having only single pages forces us to decide what the truth is even though this changes from game to game. It is also unfair that readers are exposed to spoilers from other games if they have only ever played one of the games in the series.

    lets go through some examples where the canon has changed between games

    • Big Boss - changes personality
    • Ocelot - source of arm changes
    • Vamp - no longer a Supernatural being
    • Johnny Sasaki - Two different characters, one page
    • Sigint, Paramedic - Now characters from MGS1
    • Frank Jaeger - Origin changed

    It would be better if we split up some of the character pages so there was one for each game they appear…

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    December 11, 2009 by Drawde83

    This is various opinions/rants it's not official or anything so feel free to ignore it. But if I do something you disagree with check here before using my talk page. (PS I reserve the right to ignore any of this at any time.) eventually this will go on my home page.

    • Articles should focus on the games and not on the real world facts. If there is not much information on the topic in game maybe it isn't relevant enough for an article.
    • articles that don't mention any involvement in the metal gear universe deserve to be deleted.
    • please don't leave comments in articles, it forces someone else to fix the article (and could be placed in the talk page instead).
    • speculation should be discouraged especially in trivia sections (seems to be a magnet for …
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