This is various opinions/rants it's not official or anything so feel free to ignore it. But if I do something you disagree with check here before using my talk page. (PS I reserve the right to ignore any of this at any time.) eventually this will go on my home page.

  • Articles should focus on the games and not on the real world facts. If there is not much information on the topic in game maybe it isn't relevant enough for an article.
  • articles that don't mention any involvement in the metal gear universe deserve to be deleted.
  • please don't leave comments in articles, it forces someone else to fix the article (and could be placed in the talk page instead).
  • speculation should be discouraged especially in trivia sections (seems to be a magnet for crazy theories)
    • Think carefully about if a fact is noteworthy trivia or not. if it's in a cutscene everybody sees then probably not. if it's in a codec to a certain character at a certain time then it probably is.
    • Trivia sections are mostly too long and detailed.
    • preferably trivia should be a sentence, at most. If it's too detailed try and get it in the article.
  • don't use metal gear solid in headings when you mean metal gear solid series. It gets confusing.
  • I would prefer not to have protected pages and where a page is protected, work out a compromise so it can be edited again.
  • If there is a section of text that is very badly written but true I may delete it. If it is important someone will rewrite it.
  • I dislike extremely long pages. It would be better to break them up so they are easier to read and edit.
    • I would like to break up some of the character pages because of the long sections on each game. We might as well make them into seperate articles to note name changes, character changes etc.

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