Ok I've got another involving Volgin. Boy I'm been using him alot lately. Anyway as the title suggests.

What do you think of Colonel Volgin vs Bane? Soundly like an evenly match wouldn't you say? I would in backstory detail on who Bane is. But most of who comic book fans who read Batman comics knows who Bane is. Let's just say that Bane well known for the man who litterally broke the Batman. Since my last two Volgin got some good results to say the least.

But anyway. Who do you think will win. Now bear in mind when I mean Bane pre venom use. Bane is extremely powerful even without using venom. If anyone who has played the resently Batman Arkham Origins.  Even before the use of venom Batman pretty much got his @ss handed to him. That was before the venom.

But  the question I'm asking to all of you? Who will win? Post comment below. Bye

Ready for a beat down Bane?

Bane pic

I will break you!

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