Here's a good one. Colonel Volgin vs Cole MacGrath. Lightning powers vs Lightning powers. Or the more correct term Electrokinesis. Yeah. It occured to me since Volgin have electrokinesis powers and Cole MacGrath have electrokinesis powers too. So why not let these two duke it out for our amusment.

But I know what your thinking. You think MacGrath may have an edge on Volgin because he's younger faster and more agile than Volgin. Or you might be thinking be Volgin has more experience than MacGrath in terms of controlling his powers. So does Kessler. But that depends on the situation. And the fact Volgin is strong enough to punch a hole through a wall and the hide of The Shagohod. But the question remains the same. Who would in a fight between these two.  Post your comments below. Bye.
Cole MacGrath

Bring it on Old Man.


Ready for a beat down boy?

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