Ok here's a question, Does anyone but me thinks that Revolver Ocelot was modeled after Dr,Gero from Dragonball Z and at he same time share some similarities to each other? Here six reasons why.

1, Both Revolver Ocelot and Dr,Gero are Russian with Russian like accents.

2, Both have long white hair and moustaches.

3, Both worked for a (In secret) terrorist organizations. The Patriots. Foxhound. Red Ribbon Army.

4, Both have a confrontation with the protagonist. (Solid Snake confronts Ocelot twince in MGS1/MGS4/Goku only punches Dr,Gero)

5, Both dies not by the hand of the protagonist. (Ocelot dies from Foxdie/Dr,Gero get's killed by Android 17)

6, Both had their hands cut off. (Gray Fox/The Ninja slices off Ocelot's hand/Piccolo chops off Dr,Gero's hand)

Does anybody sees the similarities. Could Hideo Kojima based Ocelot from Dr,Gero? Post below if my theory is correct or not. Check out my Blog page on the same subject at DragonBall.Wiki. Dr,Gero Revolver Ocelot Similarities. Bye.

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