Here's another question, The Ipod downloable songs. Good and all but when it been a smarter idea not just down load those songs but wouldn't been even better if we had the choice to download any song? I mean. If your PS3 has internet connection wouldn't been possible to download from a music site. Like and download any song you want? You wouldn't have to just down load MGS based songs or music. Download AKON Lady Gaga Rihanna or many more. Would that be more fun?

And going back to Example 3 revolving Huey Emmerich commiting suicine. Wouldn't make more sense for him not to kill himself? You know there's a thing called Divorce. He couldn't just divorce wife and disown his son for not telling him. In the words of Batman, There's always a choice. True not everbody does this but it would make more sense to simply divorce her and never want nothing to do with her. You think for a scientist he would have been smarter than that.

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