I think I posted this years ago on a talk page but this is a slightly updated version. So to ask the question again. Is it just me or has anybody notice that MGS2 and MGS4 borrow alot of elements from The Matrix? Eva Ocelot and even Campbell has refered The Patriots as The System? And how a bunch of A.I. programs are controlling the people. You know hiding the truth? That most people aren't even aware of The Patriots. Speech restriction similiar to the knowledge of The Matrix. And how Snake represents as a saivor just like Neo. Ocelot is similiar to Agent Smith who wishes to destroy The System. And how JD alias J.F.K was speaking in the same computer language when it was talking to Raiden in MGS2? Just like The Architect. Viewing humans as a mathematical equation that must be balanced. Ocelot's purpose was to destroy The System. Eva sort of represents The Oracle. She explains the true nature of The System?

Does anybodythink that? If you do. Post your comments down below if my theory is correct or not?

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