Hello It's me ah I had to change my user name from AlucardZ to DraculaZ. Because I had problems accessing my previous Login in. Anyhoo. Look I've notice alot of you don't agree with what Gekkou25 said. But he's brought about which is better Splinter Cell or Metal Gear? Personality I like them both. And The Terminator or whatever your user name is. I think your statement about Sam Fisher is incorrect. American characters both in cartoon and in video games tend to have a variety of personality traits. Sam Fisher can be both Serious be he's also has a sense of humor. Solid Snake doesn't. Nathan Drake from Uncharted is like that too. He can be serious he can also be witty with snappy comebacks. That said. Japanese anime and video game characters are pretty much one dimensional and overly serious and can over moody and are kinda Emo. Cloud from FF7 is a perfect. Japanese people don't understand American humor. Because it's not funny to them sometimes. And for Gekkou25 for saying I'm BFF with Hoe Hunter. Well That maybe part true. We both like Splinter Cell games. And as I stated on his comment page I think the Japanese aren't overrated. More like they're full of the themselves. Plus I think they're a little more racist against gaijun or whatever that word is. So for those of you thinking I'm taking Gekkou25 side. Maybe I am. But I like look at both sides of the story before I make a comment. But I do agree with him about Splinter Cell being more realistic than Metal Gear. And he's right. Splinter Cell is more fun at times than Metal Gear. And that's my thoughts.

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