So most of you know that David Hayter wont be voicing Big Boss/Solid Snake. And do you want to know what I think?

Dramatic moment please (All gasping)

So what? I don't see what's the big deal is. So he wont be voicing his character. Well that's too bad. Again so what?

I know they explain that Big Boss is no longer looking like clone son anymore and starting to look more like his Outer Heaven/MGS4 design. But MGS fanboys need to chill out and get over it. I can live with it. Why can't you? I've alreadly explain on my feelings the MGS franchise in general. Big deal. It's not the end of the world people. So we lose one voice actor so what? Frankly maybe is for the better. I mean the guy is a bit of a dick. I talking to David Hayter one on My Space page. Not too long ago. I talked about how would like to meet Hideo Kojima or how do I get in touch with him. Just to see what he would say. And at first he tried to avoid the question all together. And then I asked about his relationship with Kojima and can I meet him. He didn't want to answer my question. I wasn't trying to press him for it. But he said he wasn't sure how to contact him. Note. He never once mention Hideo Kojima name at all and just refer to him as him. I asked him are you sure you don't know how. At that point he was annoyed by my question. He states and I quote. I have no association to him(Hideo Kojima) or how to contact that company(Konami) He didn't even mention the company name either. It's obvious he doesn't like anybody else to associate with Hideo Kojima. He want on his own blog page and talking with a Interview ask a similiar question. And you know what he said. He keeps in contact with Konami and Hideo Kojima via he agent and connection with Kojima Productions. He just blantly lied to my face about his ties with Kojima. So there's your hero. What a dick.

So that's my thoughts. MGS fanboys need to just get over it and move on. I'm glad he not coming back. No skin of my nose.  Basicly the point is he maybe a great voice actor but a doesn't anybody associating with Kojima other than himself. So if you didn't like my opintion well I think the picture speaks for itself. Bye
Tough Titty

Well as the description said. If you don't like my opinion. Well that's tough titty friend.

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