Oh come on really? Just one comment on my last blog? Do you people fear the Bad Big Metal Gear Hardcore fanbase that much that you can't speak your mind? Do they scare you that much? What you afraid that if you say one think that you don't like about the series they will threaten you with killing your family or burning down your house? I hate to say this about a blog community but grow a pair. Look I don't fear the Big Bad Metal Gear fanbase. And you are? Pathetic. I'm not I can say the Metal Gear franchise is overrated because it's true and most people but nooooo. Everyone FEARS the Big Bad Metal Gear fanbase to say what they really think. I'm disappointed in all of you, You let a bunch of Hardcore fanboys and fanbase put the fear of God in you to speak up against those who godworship this series too much but if that's the case. Then I have nothing left to say to you. I'm just disappointed in all of you.

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