Solid Snake 2005. Ready for battle?

Deadpool 1

Check out my badass pose I'm doing. I'm fucking awesome aren't I yeah. Solid Snake ready for an Ass kicking. By ass kicking I mean you.

Ok yeah I think the title explains itself more or less. Check your sanity at the door and don't raid your sister's panty drawer because this is a what it sounds like.

Solid Snake vs Deadpool The Merc With The Mouth. Yeah I let that sink in for a second. Originally I was going post a Solid Snake vs Deathstroke blog but and the last minute I decided something a little more wacky in mind.

Solid Snake vs Deadpool comepletely different  personalities altogether. We they do have somethings in common. Some things. One there both are high trained mercenaries both fluent in many languages both are heroes. Well Snake more than Deadpool. But that's where the similarities end.

Snake is serious stern calm cool master strategist and level head. While Deadpool is batshit insane nutcase socipath screw loose who will talk you to death to either your kill yourself or go insane from his incessant talking.

I'm sure you all of you saw on Youtube video Batman vs Deadpool where deadpool lost to Batman. Some of you weren't happy that Deadpool lost to Batman and the fact used lethal force on Deadpool.

But the question is who's going to win Solid Snake vs Deadpool? Post comment below. Bye.

Wait there is one thing. I will say this in terns of a battle of wits. This is a fight Snake can't win. We are talking about Deadpool. You can't reason or put logic to someone who is as stated above batshit insane. So year. In battle of wits. Yeah Deadpool is master in that area. Bye.

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