Oh my now this is a tough one.

Solid Snake vs The Joker. For those of you who don't know The Joker is Batman's most dangerous and one of his oldest enemies. The Clown Prince of Crime The Harelquin of Hate. The man who put more bodies in body bags. Murdered thousands of people. A mass murdering sadistic psychopatic manipulating deranged agent of death himself clown. The man responsible for shooting Barbra Gordon in The Killing Joke. The same man who beat Jason Todd with a crowbar in A Death in The Family. Shot and murdered James Gordon's wife. The Man who would possibly nuked Metropolis in that new Justice League video game. You name it he's done it.

I know it sounds like I'm praising him but its hard no to when you have a wrap sheet like that. But it begs the question who would Solid Snake combat someone like The Joker? He would be Snake's most dangerous opponent. We know we've talked about how crew and sadistic Colonel Volgin is but Volgin is a school boy compared to The Joker.

I think Colonel Volgin Revolver Ocelot and Liquid Snake are saints compared to The Joker. When you think about.  Even The Patriots would consider The Joker a much bigger threat than Liquid Ocelot or Solid Snake. But  the question is Solid Snake vs The Joker. Who do you fight someone like that. Post comment below. Bye.

Solid Snake, in 2005.

The Joker

Hahahaha. Why So Serious?

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