Hello again sorry if I haven't posted any blogs because I've been busy. But anyway I just to go ahead and explain the title of this blog.

Ok, One of the major plot points of MGS Peace Walker is proving The Boss's innocence. And in Big Boss and Strangelove mind Peace Walker proved The Boss innocence. Well let's be honest here do you know what this storyline did prove? NOTHING! It prove NOTHING! Do you really think that a machine a MACHINE prove The Boss's innocence cleared her name? Strangelove created The Boss A.I. in order to know the truth. I hate to break it to you but how is asking a computer program what it's human counterpart did what? Anybody with a shred of sense knows that a program only knows what you program it to know. The Boss's A.I. doesn't know the reason because it isn't human. Peace Walker isn't The Boss. It's never going to be The Boss. The Boss's A.I. isn't The Boss either because its not human. You cannot substitute a machine for a human. This only prove how the mental state of both Strangelove and Big Boss thinking was at that time. I think MGS3 Eva's debriefing and MGSPO Gene's conversation to Snake explains the reason behind it. Then again we may never know the real reason. But Peace Walker didn't solve anything. The Boss is still regarded as a war criminal and a hero(In some circles) And the real reason Peace Walker drowned itself into the lake because it was malfunctioning. You do enough damage to anything electronic or machine it's going to malfunction. Big Boss use everything but the kitchen sink to damage it enough that it started to act up and malfunction. It decided in it's already broken state to drown itself. That's why. And with that I'm finish. But folks I'm not ranting I'm giving a sensable opinion blog about why Peace didn't clear The Boss's name because it's a machine NOT a person. If you agree or disagree post comments below. Whew. Thank you and have a good day.

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