Ok I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this or if these blogs actually get read by anyone at all but I guess I will find out later right. I use to have a blog on ign and often write about metal gear, I got a pretty good following and even got one of articles on the front page. The article was about my top 5 favourite boss battles in the metal gear series and ign users did not agree with me, I got about 400 comments on my blog and most of them were either about my stupid choices (yes I didn't include psycho mantis in my top 5) or about my bad grammar, I admit I am not a good writer but people did go a bit far. So I left ign and that was almost a year ago, the reason I'm trying another blog is because I want to find people that appreciate the metal gear series as much as I do.

This may sound stupid but I actually believe metal gear is sort of underrated by gaming journalist which is weird saying since it is one of the most successful franchises ever. A few journalist understand the series but others just don't get it so I just want to find people who do, I want to write blogs about my thoughts on the series maybe some fan fiction so I am just wondering if anyone reads. I know I'm not a good writer but metal gear is so much more then just a game series to me just never found people that feel the same way.

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