MGSFanon:Peacekeeper is a fanon written by Jim Logan and takes place after the events of Redemption.

Chapter 1:Welcome to the world

The girl slowly regained consciousness, she fought through the darkness and tried to return to life. When she finally was able to open her eyes, she found herself in a darkened shack, with the only source of light seemed to be a small, flickering candle, who's flame seemed to be dying. She tried to sit up but found her midsection feeling as it was about to burst. Just then she caught the sight of a man gently pushing her back into the seat.

The man whispered "Relax Претти женщина."

The girl, half awake found herself unable to sit back up, so she complied.

The man said "You've been in a coma for some time now...I am sure you would like to know how long...."

The girl's eyes widened out of fear, waiting to hear how long she had been out of commission.

The man smirked "It's been forty eight..hours..."

The girl mumbled "You baka.."

The man laughed "I am sorry, I couldn't resist. My name is Leonardo Miller, I am a doctor, I rescued you from those bastard PMC's. They attacked you and your squad three days ago..don't worry, they're here, most of them walked away with only minor injures...don't worry, you're safe here and your effects are sitting in the armory. You may retrieve them later when you're able to move."

The girl nodded and whispered "Thank you."

Leonardo asked "Do you require anything faruline?"

The girl shook her head "No thank you."

Leonardo asked "Might I inquire your name?"

The girl tried to talk, but her throat was too dry and she started to cough.

Leonardo waved his hands "It's alright, you can tell me when you're able to. Call if you require anything."

The girl thought to herself "If I couldn't tell you my name, how can I call for help you moron?" The girl sighed to herself and thought it would be best to rest while she could.

She tried to remember what happened, and how she became injured. She remembered she had been assigned to a small island nation named New Tropen. She remembered reading the reports that the islands natives were friendly and often helped in a firefight if there ever was one. She also remembered riding in the back of the cramped truck with seven other UN Marines, she was wearing only a tank top, light shorts and silver sunglasses. She remembered it was unbearably hot out and she also remembered she wanted to complain about the heat when there was an explosion, bullets flying everywhere, people falling, but lastly she remembered blacking out when something hit her in the head. The girl opened her eyes and felt the back of her head and found a small lump where she was hit. She tried to sit up again and found it no longer hurt. She looked down and saw that her stomach was bandaged with what appeared to be normal first aid bandages, but it was only on her stomach, she figured that it was only her stomach that was serious enough to get bandaged up because she saw several new scars around her arms and legs that weren't tended to. She tried walking around and found her legs to feel like jello, and she nearly fell over twice, but she eventually got to the door and opened it to find Leo about to walk in, holding a bowl of water and a towel.

Leonardo smiled "I see you're feeling better."

The girl nodded and put on the most convincing happy face she could muster. "Yes, I am. Thank you."

Leonardo said "You know, I forgot to ask your name, and none of your comrades seem to want to sell it to me."

The girl replied "Oh, my name is Molly. Molly Pliskin. UN Ranger."

Molly mentally kicked herself for revealing her last name.

Leonardo smiled "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Molly returned the smile "Likewise."

Leonardo asked "Would you like your effects now or after dinner?"

Molly thought for a second, and decided she would feel better having at least one of her weapons on her. "If it's not too much trouble, I would like my effects back."

Leonardo smiled and bowed half jokingly "Please, follow me then."

Molly followed Leonardo down the darkened hallway, which she could barely see past her own nose, but Leonardo seemed like he knew these passages like the back of his hand and didn't require a light.

Molly asked "Can I ask you a question?"

Leonardo nodded "Certainly."

Molly asked "Does it get easier?"

Leonardo asked "Does what?"

Molly replied "Killing people."

Leonardo said "That's something you usually ask your father... or your mother."

Molly said "My father died a year ago and I haven't talked to my mother in over a month."

Leonardo said in a sad voice "I am sorry to hear that miss. My condolences."

Molly wiped away a tear "It''s fine..."

Leonardo unlocked the door and pointed inside. Molly quickly found her equipment and walked out of the room into more light and inspected her gear.

Molly said "M4 Carbine, digital count for remaining ammo in the packs, shotgun attachment standard issue US army. Filed trigger to make it easier on the finger and customized scope for long range and red dot scope for easier accuracy."

Leonardo burst out laughing "You really enjoy your guns don't you?"

Molly smiled "It's genetic."

Leonardo started to lead Molly even further toward sounds of laughter, the sight of flames and smell of meat cooking.

Leonardo asked "Any siblings?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, my sister Hope died a few days before I was born from a gunshot wound, and my other sister Catherine died from hypothermia when she fell asleep in a graveyard. It was raining and it was below freezing."

Leonardo locked Molly in a hug for a minute and said "You poor thing, I am sorry for even asking."

Molly laughed uncomfortably "It's fine..uh please let me go, this is very weird."

Leonardo laughed "Are you a...-?"

Molly smiled "Uh...I'd rather not say."

Leonardo said "Fair enough."

Molly followed Leonardo outside to see a fairly large bonfire the size of a house, with dozens of people running around having a good time, eating and celebrating.

Molly whispered "What's going on?"

Leonardo said "This is a celebration!"

Molly sighed in annoyance "I got that part. What are you celebrating?"

Leonardo shouted "The Harvest dear girl!"

Molly said "Kay, thanks."

Molly turned to see her allies resting against a fairly large downed tree near the bonfire sulking. One of them looked up and started running toward Molly, the man was fair skinned, blonde hair and had blue eyes.

The man shouted "Molly! I am so glad you're safe!"

Molly grabbed the man in a hug and shouted back "I'm glad you're safe too Johnny."

Leonardo asked "Would you two lovebirds like some dinner or you wanna keep making googly eyes?"

Molly smiled "Yeah, I can go for some food."

Leonardo forced a wooden bowl the size of her head into her hand. Molly looked at the substance in the bowl and found it to be a sticky yellow goo with chunks of something she could only guess at was in it.

Molly asked "Uh...what's in this?"

Leonardo laughed "Oh you know, just some soup, some green pepper, spicy pepper, chicken, and some kamto dragon!"

Molly nearly threw up when she heard "Kamto dragon."

Leonardo said "I'm only kidding, there is no dragon in it."

Molly breathed a sigh of relief and within minutes downed half the bowl.

Leonardo returned holing a half empty bottle of booze. "I should have mentioned...there was goat in there. Not dragon."

Molly's eyes widened and now she wanted to throw up, but found herself unable to.

Molly smiled "It's...good..."

Johnny asked "So, are you alright?"

Molly nodded "I'm fine Johnny, just sore. I want to know what exactly happened."

Johnny said "You got hit in the back of the head with a flying rock. Your stomach was grazed by a piece of sharpenel. You were passed out for two da-."

Molly hit him on the back of the head "I know that part you dummy."

Johnny asked "How's the head feel?"

Molly said "It's fine, Johnny. Stop worrying."

Jeff raised his hand "Sorry I asked."

Molly asked "So, Leonardo. Can I ask you something?"

Leonardo said "Of course!"

Molly asked "About these PMC's. What do they want? From the reports they seem to just be randomly shooting up citizens."

Leonardo said "They first arrived on the island a year and a half ago. They initially claimed they just wanted a safe haven while they regrouped. But not long afterword they started to claim our old fortresses and started making their own, they started to claim this land as their own. They don't allow anyone on or off this land and they often terrorize the people for their gain."

Molly asked "Why don't you just kick them out? You have guns."

Leonardo spoke in a low, depressed voice "We've tried, but every time, we have failed and more people die. This village and the doctors house on the northern end of the island are the only safe zones in the entire island, and even that we struggle to maintain it."

Molly said "We can help you, you know Leonardo."

Leonardo raised a hand "We would enjoy it. But we can start in the morning."

Molly nodded "Understood."

After dinner Leonardo lead Molly back to the room she awoke in, switched on the light which revealed that it also contained a bed big enough for two people, a small couch which she woke up on and a nightstand with six apples and two oranges on it.

Molly asked "Is this really all for me? It can fit two people."

Leonardo nodded "Only the best for the people who put their lives on the line."

Molly smiled "Thank you, Leonardo. I shall repay your kindness and hospitality."

Leonardo returned her smile, "I look forward to it."

Leonardo proceeded to leave, and Molly, now feeling tired felt it was time to get some rest and lied down, and within minutes found herself dreaming. However she when she woke she found Johnny sleeping beside her. Molly felt her face light up, and she locked Johnny in a Kimura lock.

Johnny shouted in pain "Ah! What's going on?!"

Molly said in a dark, threatening voice. "Tell me what you're doing here or I will snap your freaking elbow."

Johnny yelped "Uh, you looked cold so I-"

Molly increased the pressure, causing him to stop talking. "Tell me the truth."

Johnny said " bed got taken..."

Molly said "You have three seconds to tell me the truth before I snap it."

Johnny shouted "I just wanted to get close to you!"

Molly released her hold with an annoyed sigh "No, you just wanted to be a pervert. My mother warned me about men like you...if you're even a man."

Johnny asked "Who's your mother?"

Molly said "I really don't want to talk about it."

Johnny said "But..."

Molly asked "You want me to snap your arm? Then shut up!"

Just then Leonardo walked in the room and saw Johnny sitting over Molly.

Leonardo cleared his throat "Uh..Breakfast is ready. Please come eat when you're...done."

Molly shouted "It's not like that!" as Leonardo shut the door behind him.

Johnny said "Molly...I'm sorr-"

Molly hit Johnny uppercut right under his chin, knocking him down. "Shut up and get out."

Johnny scurried to his feet and sprinted out the door. Molly sighed to herself and reluctantly walked outside to see half the village asleep from the party the night before, and the other half walking around in a drunken haze.

Leonardo shouted "Well look at this! It's the lovebirds!"

Molly sighed "Leo, that's not what happened. It was just circumstantial."

Leonardo laughed "What? Did he sneak into your room while you were asleep?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, that's exactly what he did."

Leonardo asked "Then why was he above you?"

Molly replied "I had him locked in a Kimura lock."

Leonardo nodded "I see."

Molly said "Yeah, so what's the mission?"

Leonardo said "Why taking over a fortress of course!"

Molly smiled "Seems simple enough."

Chapter 2:Storming the Fort

Molly found herself sitting inbetween Johnny and Leonardo, who was driving his jeep to the fortress she was told they would take back from the PMCS when she found herself feeling very claustrophobic.

Leonardo, feeling the awkwardness asked "So Molly, you mind if I ask you something?"

Molly replied "Sure."

Leonardo asked "What's your mother's name?"

Molly said "Her name is Meryl.'

Johnny asked "Wait, her name is Meryl? As in Meryl Silverburgh?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, why?"

Johnny replied "My father Johnny Sasaki was married to her does that make us..."

Molly said "We aren't anything, just soldiers on the same side."

Johnny sunk into his seat and sighed "That's a harsh way to put it..."

Molly said "Well we're not siblings, not in any sense. My mother told me about your father, she told me the marriage wasn't even legitimate. I am sorry but we're not friends, I hardly know you."

Johnny replied "Why do you hate me?"

Molly said "I don't hate you as a person Johnny, I am just not a people person. I am a god damn loner, ever since my sister died, I have just never felt whole. I have never felt as if I wanted to talk to people."

Johnny said "Oh...I see."

After a minute of silence, Leonardo asked "So...Molly, do you know anything about your sister?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, I know all about Catherine..-"

Leonardo said "No, I mean Hope."

Molly said "Oh, a bit. I know she used to dress up like my dad and play solider as a kid and she died from a gunshot wound when the AI's rebelled. Catherine was the first to find her body when Hope fought against the AI's."

Leonardo asked "Anyone important in your life, besides your mother?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, a family member, I guess you could say she's my Aunt, Sunny. She works in the UN, and she's one of the representatives for Russia...We haven't talked since I left America."

Leonardo pulled the jeep inbetween two small trees, which had leaves large enough to hide their vehicle from sight from any people that passed by.

Leonardo said "We're here."

Molly mumbled "It took us half an hour to get here...I wonder how much this place is guarded."

Molly followed Leonardo to a cliffside overlooking the fortress, which appeared to be an old 18th century style fortress with electrical wires and a communication tower. Molly withdrew her Solid Eye and scanned the Fortress. After a few minutes, the Eye highlighted eight soldiers and told her what weapons they were carrying, which consisted of three shotguns and five AKS-74u's.

Molly took off the Solid Eye and turned to Leonardo "This is heavily guarded?"

Leonardo shook his head "No, we caught them at a weak time, the perfect time to strike."

Molly said "Johnny, give me an SVD. Now."

Johnny fumbled in his bag before he found and took out the sniper rifle and handed it to Molly. Molly proceeded to withdraw the pack and found seven shots inside it.

Molly asked "Where's the rest you baka?"

Johnny fumbled his MK 17 in fear and said "I could only carry this. I am sorry, I only had a few seconds to get the weapons ready."

Leonardo asked "Do you have a plan?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, first I will take out their communication tower when I shoot their powerbox out there."

Johnny asked "Won't they hear it?"

Molly nodded "Yes, but we can take this thing over in a minute, plus if we do it correctly, they won't be able to call in back up."

Johnny asked "How?"

Molly replied "First, I take out their communication. Then I take out the base commander standing on top of the wall there, then-"Molly tapped her Desert Eagle-"We storm in and kill the bastards."

Leonardo smirked "Something tells me you enjoy killing."

Molly said "Probably."

Molly placed the rifle's scope against her eye; took out a cigarette, placed it in her mouth and lit it.

Johnny said "I didn't take you for a smoker."

Molly brushed him off and continued to concentrate on her first target;the power box. Molly exhaled for a second before shooting the rifle, leaving a hole in the fusebox and within seconds, all the lights went out in the fortress and the soldiers inside the fort started going haywire, and started running around like children. Molly then locked the commander in her sight and proceeded to shoot him as well, adding more fuel to the fire of the remaining soldier's confusion. Molly handed Johnny the SVD and sprinted into the fray with Leonardo hot on her trail. Molly peered inside the fortress and locked two soldiers in her sight, ran out of her cover spot and fired off three shots, killing both soldiers. When Molly landed, she saw Leonardo take out another three soldiers.

Molly asked "You see the other two?"

Leonardo shouted "Look out!"

Molly followed Leo's gaze to one of the soldiers jumping down at her, knife in hand. Molly closed her eyes in fear when she heard a gunshot and a body fall to the ground. When she opened her eyes she saw the would-be attacker sprawling on the ground gasping for air. Molly saw a hole the size of her fist in the man's neck and she put him out of his misery with a bullet in the skull.

Molly asked Leonardo "Did you do it?"

Leonardo shook his head "No, it was him."

Molly looked at Johnny half hiding behind a rock with a cocky smile on his face.

Molly said "Thanks Johnny. I owe you one."

Johnny mumbled "Don't mention it."

Leonardo said "There's the last one, I think he's wounded."

The group walked into the fort and found the man clenching his rib cage, which was now oozing blood. Leonardo took the time and zip-tied the man's arms behind his back.

The man shouted "The hell do you want with me!?"

Molly whispered in a deadly tone "I want you to shut the hell up and give us the locations of your buddies."

The man replied "And why the hell should I give an American dog like you that information?"

Molly asked "Do you want to live? Do you want to keep all your body parts...intact?"

The man started to sweat with fear. "Alright, there are maps in the armory!"

Molly turned to Johnny "Go get the maps. Leonardo, would you like to get some of your soldier buddies out here?"

Leonardo smiled "Called them already. They will be here in an hour."

Molly nodded "Great. So, what's next?"

Leonardo said "You've done enough Molly. The natives of this land can take it from here."

Molly shook her head "I cannot accept that. I'll pull some strings and get a unit or two down here to help take the island back."

Leonardo said "I cannot ask you to do that."

Molly smiled "It's the least I could do. But right now, I shall call in a ride back to the States to make the report. Theyll be here in an hour or so."

Leonardo said "Well, this is goodbye."

Molly asked "What, why?"

Leonardo said "Well for the next few hours, the my allies and myself will be busy reinstituting the fortress and forming plans to retake the rest of the island."

Molly gave him a quick hug "Well goodbye my friend. Thank you for everything."

Leonardo said "No, thank you."

Molly called in the helicopter, which arrived much sooner then she expected, and she only got to see Leonardo's allies arrive at the fort. Three days later, Molly gave her report and submitted the request to send in for a unit to be send to the island to help the natives, which was approved. After she left the war room, she was approached by a white haired man wearing a black suit.

Molly, without looking the man in the face said "Hey Raiden." The tone she had thrown out was that of someone dismissing a waiter at a restaurant from ordering something they knew they would regret.

Raiden asked "How's it going red-head?"

Molly replied "Fine. Another successful mission."

Raiden asked "Have you talked to your mother?"

Molly said "No, not since I left the States a month ago."

Raiden asked "Do you know what tomorrow is?"

Molly said "Yeah, I know. It's her birthday."

Raiden asked "Did you get her anything?"

Molly replied "Is this 20 questions?"

Raiden laughed "Yes, now answer the damn question."

Molly said "Yeah, I got her a locket, one side has a picture of her with Dad and Hope and another with Dad, Mom, Catherine and I. You tell her, you don't wake up tomorrow."

Raiden smiled "Understood. But you know, I think her just seeing you would be the greatest gift for her."

Molly asked "Why the hell do you say that?"

Raiden said "I read the report. I know how you got injured."

Molly replied "I'm fine, it was just a flesh wound."

Raiden said "Just get home ASAP. I arranged for a taxi."

Molly smiled "Thanks Mr. Lightning Bolt."

Raiden said "No problem."

Chapter 3:Birthday Bash

Molly walked into the brightly lit childhood home and found herself narrowly tackled to the ground by her crying Mother.

Meryl shouted "I am so happy you're safe!"

Molly smiled "Happy birthday mom. It's nice to see you."

Meryl asked "What are you doing here?"

Molly replied "You really think I would miss your birthday?"

Meryl said "Thank you for coming. This is the best gift I could ask for."

Molly forced her present into Meryl's hands and said "Just call it a bonus."

Meryl opened the box and started chocking down tears when she opened the locket.

Meryl said ".....Thank you..." With tears running down her face.

Molly smiled "Only the best gift for the best mother in the world."

Hours past and everyone went home. Molly took advantage and took a shower. When she got out, she got dressed in a small white tank top and black bloomers. Molly walked past an open door and saw Otacon clutching a still-crying Meryl's hand.

Otacon asked "What's the matter Meryl?"

Meryl replied "It's just that...I have buried two children already and a husband and my only daughter is out in the world and on her first mission she nearly died! If she did, I don't think I could take it!"

Otacon said "You knew it would come to this. No one in your family has been able to sit behind a counter and be a contact."

Meryl laughed a bit "That's true. I just wish Molly wouldn't have to put her life on the line so much."

Molly knocked on the door and entered "Mom...I am sorry for making you worry...but..-"

Meryl shouted "How long have you been standing there?"

Molly replied "A minute. But I need you to listen. I know I make you worry, I am sorry. But I just need to do this."

Meryl waved her hand in the air "I know, I know. Just like your father."

Molly said "I will stay here as long as I can..I know how lonely you get..."

Otacon said "Well, actually. Sunny, myself, Raiden and his family are going to move in here in a month or so."

Molly asked "What, why?"

Otacon smiled "You just answered that question yourself. Your mother is lonely, and we're going to provide the company."

Molly thought for a second and decided it was best for Meryl to have more company especially when she couldn't provide it.

Molly said "Thank you."

Just then Molly's Codec started to off. Molly answered it to be greeted by her Colonel Parker.

Molly asked "What cha need sir?"

Colonel Parker replied "Yes, we have your next mission ready for you. We've already sent you the files over your Codec. You're leaving in the morning."

Molly sighed and nodded "Thank you." and switched off her Codec.

Meryl asked "Let me guess. Another mission?"

Molly nodded in embarrassment"Yeah..."

Meryl smiled "Well..make me proud, and come home safe, alright?"

Molly nodded "Yeah."

Chapter 3:The Next Mission

The following morning, Molly found herself on a helicopter similarly padded to the Nomad. Molly sat on a cusioned seat while she read over the reports of her next mission. From what she read, the location she was being sent to was a city in Russia where many nuke testings went on during the Cold War, leading to many of the people becoming infected from the radiation. Parker jokingly warned her not to eat or drink to much while she was there due to the danger of her becoming infected. After what seemed like hours, Molly finally put down the folder, rubbed her eyes in annoyance and lit a cigarette. Seconds later, Colonel Parker appeared on screen.

Colonel Parker asked "Do you have any questions?"

Molly nodded "Yeah, it seems you didn't give me any currency. Just an old AK-102, and a lot of bullets."

Colonel Parker replied "Yes, that is true. In this area of Russia, bullets are considered a form of currency and there are two types of bullets. The first is crappy, cheap, local made bullets. While the other are fine, pristine gold-colored bullets. If you buy anything, you usually need to pay with bullets. I don't know the exact conversion rate, you will need to find that out yourself."

Molly sighed "So, what's my objective?"

Colonel Parker replied "You're to report on any and all suspicious activity in the area of that city."

Molly smiled "So..besides that mutations from radiation poisoning?"

Colonel Parker laughed "Yes. Good luck." And the message shut off.

Molly turned to the pilot and asked "How long till we land?"

The pilot replied "Another half hour miss."

Molly said "Kay."

Molly decided to use that given time to look through her given equipment. She had a dirty-looking travelers cloak. An AK-102 with 300 rounds. Two ration packs. A standard canteen of water and a Bowie knife. Before she knew it, they landed and she was standing inside the city. From what she could see it was covered in grime and filth, and built poorly out of wood and scrap metal, which made it seem even worse. Trash littered the streets, the stores looked messy and the people were covered in cloaks not dissimilar to hers. After three hours, she found herself back at the entrance to the city. Molly mumbled to herself "Well, this is one small ass town." Just then there was a female voice behind her "You know, you foreigners should really watch what you say." Molly saw that the woman was built, had a good figure, she also had black hair, brown eyes and pasty white skin. Molly asked "And who might you be?" The woman replied "I should be asking you that, outsider." Molly replied with a prideful smile "My name is Molly. I represent the UN Rangers." The woman asked "What's your last name, kid?" Molly said "Pliskin." The woman grinned villainous-ally "So, the UN finally sends someone to help us. And what we get is a damn pencil pusher?" Molly, now angry shouted "I am not a pencil pusher you old windbag! I'm a soldier and if you don't my help, then fine. I will leave! Good luck with the atomic radiation poisoning!" The woman smirked "You're such a child. How old are you? 16, 17?" Molly turned away "That's none of your damn business grandma." The woman asked "Did your mother teach you to speak that way? Did your father?" Molly said "No. But if you keep talking, there will be one more body to clear off the streets, and it damn sure won't be mine." The woman said "Calm down girl. My name is Olga. I am the closets thing this town has to a Mayor." Molly grumbled "Nice to meet you." Molly still had anger against Olga for what she said, but due to her position, she couldn't blame Olga for her comments. Olga asked "So what do you think of our fair city?" Molly chuckled "Fair? City? This is as close to a city as hell is to heaven." Olga turned to Molly, giving her a blank face "Don't say such things child. These people are depressed enough as it is." Molly asked in a saddened tone "Then why don't you just leave? This place is a hell hole of radiation. I am surprised not everyone has keeled over and died by now." Olga said "We have tried to leave, but the Soviets always force us back." Molly burst out laughing, and she didn't care how stupid she looked or how crazy and childish she seemed. Olga asked "What are you laughing at?" Molly, still laughing a bit replied "Are you telling're being controlled by Soviet Russia?" Olga nodded "There is a group, around three hundred. Heavily armed, they call themselves Soviets and if we try to leave we are shot." Olga pointed to a massive fortress, hidden among the shanty town with two guard towers, and from what Molly could see with her Solid Eye, they were armed with fully automatic sniper rifles. Molly smiled "That will be easy." Olga raised an eyebrow "What will be easy?" Molly replied "Taking them out. From what I can see, their ammo storage is located right next to the bunk houses right? Well if I can get close and light just one canister, then that whole place goes sky high." Olga laughed "If it was that easy, don't you think we would've done it by now? You'd have to be a master special ops agent to sneak into that fortress!" Molly gave Olga a cocky smile "You don't know who I am do you?" Olga shook her head "No. I never heard of you until today." Molly replied "I'm the daughter of the Solid Snake."Molly replied "I'm the daughter of the Solid Snake." Olga laughed a dry chuckle "Even the seed of Snake cannot do that." Molly said "Just watch." Molly snuck through the tight crowd to the fortress, which was filled to the brim with soldiers drunk as hell. Molly snuck through the darkened corridors to the door of the armory, and readied her dynamite stick when someone tossed her to the ground. A masculine Russian man asked with an evil smile "And what do we have here? A nosy woman?" Molly spat in his face "Go to hell!" The man grinned "You know what we do to pretty little girls around here?" Molly said "I don't care what goes through your perverted mind." The man replied "If you tell me what you're doing here...I might let you go." Molly said "Go to hell!" The man tossed her to the ground and whispered "I'll meet you there!" The man held his AK-47 to Molly but when the gunshot came the man instead fell over. Molly mumbled "What the hell?" Molly peered up to see another person standing in the doorway. Molly asked "Who's there?" The person took of their hood, revealing it to be Olga. Olga smirked "You're definitely not your father." Molly lit the dynamite and chucked it into the armory. Molly said "We might wanna run." As they were running toward the door Molly asked "Wait, what do we do about the guys that get out?" Olga said "I have seven people ready to gun them down or capture them." Molly and Olga were outside the door just as the armory blew and the fortress went ablaze. Within minutes the survivors were rounded up and arrested. Molly asked "So what now?" Olga replied with a wide smile "Now we drink!" Olga pulled a bottle of vodka from her pouch and presented it to Molly. Molly shook her head innocently "Sorry Olga, I can't drink that." Olga laughed "What are you underage?" Molly nodded "Yeah." Olga said "That's no matter. Just one drink isn't going to hurt you!" Molly sighed "Fine." Molly accepted the shot glass and gulped the liquor down which burned the back of the throat.

Chapter 4:Hostile Hospital

A few weeks after her successful mission in Russia, she had started to feel ill. At first she figured it had to be from the contaminated liquor Olga made her drink, which she hadn't told Meryl about her illegal drinking yet. After checking into the hospital she sat down and within minutes she was joined by a familiar face;Johnny Sasaki. Johnny said "Hey Molly, you here for a routine checkup too?" Molly shook her head "No Johnny, I'm not feeling well." Johnny asked "You eat something you shouldn't have?" Molly placed a hand over her stomach "Something like that." A nurse walked out "Molly Pliskin. we're ready for you." Molly got up and followed the nurse into a room where they followed the normal conduct. They checked her weight which was 195. They checked her temperature which was 98.2. Her height at 5 ft 3 before the doctor took out a needle. Molly asked with fear "What's that for?" The doctor replied "We have to test your blood, Miss. It will only take a minute." Just before the doctor could inject the syringe, Johnny walked in and saw the look on Molly's face. Johnny laughed "What, you afraid of needles?" Molly scowled at Johnny, "I know your dad was deathly afraid of needles, so shut up. Oh and just an fyi, I am not afraid of them. I just hate them." The doctor said "All done, Miss. That wasn't so bad was it?" Molly looked at her arm and saw it already had a band-aid on it. Molly said "That was fast." The doctor said "Come back in a few days and we'll have the results ready for you." Molly smiled and nodded appreciatively "Thank you Doctor. I'll get here as soon as I get your message." The doctor returned her smile "Oh don't worry, I am sure it's not going to be bad, probably just a flu." Molly nodded and took her leave, to which after leaving, she noticed she was being followed by Johnny. Molly shouted "You know, you'd make a horrible puppy dog." Johnny asked "Why do you say that?" Molly replied "At least strays know how to stay quiet." Johnny gave an innocent smile "Am I really that noisy?" Molly said "A T-rex maces less noise than you." Johnny said "Stop exaggerating." Molly punched Johnny in the arm "I'm not. Now, we are you following me?" Johnny smirked "My dad is at your house and I thought you-" Molly stopped dead in her tracks "Whoa wait, why is your dad with my mom..alone?" Johnny laughed "Like they're going to do anything Molly. Besides, we're leaving once I get there. My dad just wanted to catch up." Molly asked "Where are you going?" Johnny said "To...your hous-" Molly slapped him in the back of the head "Where are you going afterword!" Johnny smiled "Oh, we are heading out to China, apparently China and Russia have been at each other's throats for months now." Molly said "Well, good luck." Johnny said "Thanks." A few minutes later Molly arrived at her house to which she found Johnny Sr and Meryl sitting on the couch laughing. Molly asked "What's so funny Mom?" Meryl waved her hand "Just talking about how we met." Johnny Sr said "Well Meryl, it's been fun. But we got to go." Meryl said "Alright, be careful." Johnny Sr nodded to Molly "Take care kid." Before Molly could say a word, both Johnny's were gone. Meryl asked "So how was the hospital?" Molly replied "It was fine. They'll call in a few days with the results." Meryl nodded "Alright. You should take a nap. You look tired as hell." Molly said "I am fine." Meryl gave Molly an angry stare "Just go to sleep." Molly, annoyed said "Fine." Molly retreated from any possible yelling and went to bed. Once asleep she had a flashback to her graduation ceremony to become a UN Ranger in Madison Square Garden, with Snake, Meryl, Catherine, Sunny and Otacon in attendance. Molly was awarded a badge that resembled a mix between the MSF logo and the US Marine insignia. Once she sat down the guidelines were explained. Firstly, all UN Rangers were in all intensive purposes, Soldiers Without Borders, meaning they could enter any country as long as they had a valid reason. Secondly, Rangers were given power to take control over armed regiments of the UN Military, which confused Molly due to it being a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Finally, Rangers could only be given missions by Colonel Parker or the War Council. After the ceremony, Meryl gave Molly her Desert Eagle, Snake gave her a dark blue bandanna and Catherine gave her a necklace bearing an odd logo. Three days past and Molly was orbiting the phone, waiting for the Doctor's message. Meryl said "You know, doing that won't make them call faster?" Molly waved her hand "Yeah, I know." Just then a woman walked into the door. Molly asked "Who's there?" Clementine replied "Darth Vader, who do you think?" Molly rolled her eyes in annoyance "What's up?" Clementine tossed a manila folder "Your results..." Molly tore into the folder and read the results for a minute before looking up with a confused look on her face. Meryl asked "So what's wrong?" Molly replied "I don't know, it just says...FOXDIE." Clementine said "Your father was given that disease in 2005, it seems you inherited a much more minor strand of it, it's non lethal to anyone around you. But you will feel sick for quite some time." Meryl asked with fear "Is it fatal?" Clementine shook her head hopelessly "We won't know for quite some time." Meryl asked "Are you going to be alright Molly?" Molly nodded "Yeah, I'll be fine..."

Chapter 5:Return to New Tropica

Days past and Molly told Colonel Parker she would be returning to New Tropica to help the relief effort, which Parker granted her request and she was sent to the island. It had been a week since Molly arrived on the island and she had stayed at the village. During her stay, the weather hadn't broken it's unbearable heat wave, which Molly didn't mind one bit due to her wearing a cut-off tank top and shorts. However, she felt terrible for the soldiers who had to carry their hundred pound bags for hours on end. Around noon, Molly looked over herself and saw she was covered from head-to-toe in sweat, even having her hair up in a ponytail, she still had sweat lines going down her neck and decided to go into the safehouse to cool off. Once inside she found three fellow soldiers, two men and one woman, all around her age stripped down to their undergarments trying to cool off with beers in hand. The woman said "Hello Commander, why don't you join us for a brew-ski?" Molly shook her head and smiled "Sorry, Grace. I'm not old enough." Grace returned her smile "Alright, if you say so." Molly sat down at the table and peered over at the men, and saw they were fast asleep. Grace lightly chuckled and asked "Does this weather ever change?" Molly said "Leonardo says it's either unbearably hot or it's constantly raining." Grace raised her bottle of beer in the air "Let's pray for the rain!" Molly nodded and clapped their glasses together. A few minutes passed and Leonardo himself walked in, covered in sweat, but he still had his trademark smile on his face. Leonardo asked "How is it going this afternoon, my pretties?" Molly said "Just trying to survive." Leonardo asked "Would you two ladies care to run an errand for me?" Molly nodded "I'm up for it." Grace shrugged "Sure, I am gettin' kinda bored around here." Leonardo said "I would like you to go to the Western side of the island to meet up with the doctor and get some supplies for us. The convoy we sent out a few hours ago was ambushed." Grace asked "And what makes you think we would be any safer?" Leonardo smiled "We let Fate decide that." Molly put on her sunglasses and picked up her AK-47 and said "Let's get rolling Grace. We're burning daylight." Grace shrugged and followed Molly into the car and started driving. Once a mile out, Grace asked "So, Commander might I ask you a question?" Molly, sitting back in her seat, letting the sun bathe her face in the warm light nodded "Yeah, go right ahead." Grace asked "What was your father like? Solid Snake." Molly sighed "He was always...distant and very protective..especially when I was thirteen, I never knew why but I was always thankful for it." Grace asked "Did he teach you anything?" Molly smiled, remembering her experiences "He taught me everything I know in CQC and how to shoot a gun." Grace lightly punched Molly on the shoulder and said "Well, at least be thankful for that." A few minutes later, Molly felt something drop on her head and she opened her eyes and saw the sky had been covered with a thick blanket of grey clouds, which followed suit in covering the island in a ghostly mist. Molly said "Looks like you got the rain you were praying for." Grace nodded "Yep." Another hour past and it started to rain harder, so much that the women could hardly see past the headlights. Molly checked her GPS and found they were at the location and yelled "Grace! Stop!" At the command, Grace slammed on the brakes and shouted "What?!" Molly smiled and said "We're here." Grace asked "Oh, now what?" Molly got out of the car, grabbed her AK-47 and walked through the rain before she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a woman standing there holding an assault rifle. The woman shouted "Who the hell are you?!" Molly dropped her AK and raised her hands in the air. Grace walked up and noticed the situation and proceeded to point her shotgun at the woman. Molly said "My name is Molly, the other girl there is Grace. We're from the UN. Who are you?" The woman said "The name's Alexandria Hart. This is my house." Grace asked "So you're the doctor?" Alexandria nodded "Yeah, what's it to ya?" Molly said "Leonardo sent us to pick up a shipment, the last convoy we sent got ambushed." Alexandria rolled her eyes "That man and his 'friends'." Molly asked "Wait, what?" Alexandria said "Nothing. Come inside, you two will catch a cold." Molly and Grace followed Alexandria into a small greenhouse which was filled which was filled with mysterious plants and had three bowls each the size of Molly's entire body, one filled with red beans, another with blue and another with green. Molly asked "What are these?" Alexandria leaned her gun against the wall and rung her hair and said "Oh, those are my special concoction ." Grace asked "What do they do?" Alexandria said "The red ones give you a little pick-me-up on a gray day like this one. the blue ones are like sleeping pills and the green ones are hallucination causers." Molly said "So...they're drugs." Alexandria tapped Molly on the head "Smart girl. Yes, they're drugs. They're the items Leonardo wants shipped." Grace tossed her gun to the ground in anger "He sent us all the way across the freaking island so he can get high!?" Alexandria shook her head and slapped Grace in the back of the head "No child, it's for the soldiers to lift their spirits." Molly asked "So what did you try to ship Leo a few hours ago?" Alexandria said "The red ones." Grace asked "So does anyone else live here?" Alexandria nodded "Yes actually. But she's asleep at the moment." Molly started to investigate the rest of the greenhouse and found it cluttered with various papers and pipes. Alexandria asked "So what happened to the convoy?" Grace said "It got ambushed inbetween allied Forts." Alexandria said "That's unfortunate, the kids I sent the shipment with were nice boys. Sad to see them go." Molly asked "Why do you sound as if you've seen this happen before?" Alexandria sighed in annoyance "I've seen it happen a dozen times, from both sides." Grace asked "Do you do drugs?" Alexandria nodded "Yeah, but only when her father decides to stop by, then I have a chance to loosen up." Molly yawned, and suddenly she realized she was extremely tired, but she felt it would be rude to ask to stay for the night. Alexandria looked at her watch, and said "Follow me girls, it's late. I'll let you bunk in my guest room for the night. If you promise not to break anything." Molly bowed "I promise." Molly turned to Grace who was twirling her finger through her hair, to which Molly proceeded to elbow Grace in the rib cage. Grace nodded "Yeah, thanks." Alexandria burst out laughing and said "One of you is so uptight and well mannered and the other one is just so unappreciative and lazy." Grace shouted in anger "Hey!" Molly put an arm around Grace and smiled "Hey, it's true Grace." Once inside, the three were greeted by a little girl, possibly seven years of old. She had black hair, brown eyes, fair skin and she appeared to be wearing a plain white shirt, and blue jeans. Alexandria asked "What are you doing out of bed Anna?" Anna whispered "I heard you talking to someone and I thought they were the bad men." Alexandria bent down and tapped Anna on the head twice and smiled "No honey, these are nice people." Anna asked "Who are they?" Alexandria said "They're friends of your daddy." Molly's eyes widened in shock and asked "Wait, Leo is..-" Alexandria nodded with a cocky smile "Why yes, of course." Grace asked "May I ask you something?" Alexandria nodded "I don't see why not." Grace asked "How often does Leo show up?" Anna mumbled "Papa shows up once every new moon." Grace asked "So, how often is that?" Molly said "That's once every month." Anna nodded "Papa is always happy to see me. Do you know when he's coming next?" Molly patted Anna on the head "I'm afraid not little one. I'll ask next time I see him." Anna asked "Where are you from?" Molly said "I'm from Georgia." Just then there was a pounding at the door, as if someone was trying to rip it down. Alexandria turned to Molly, Grace and Anna and said "Get her in the hidden room, stay there and be quiet." Anna nodded and lead Molly and Grace into a room beneath the staircase. Once inside Molly found it very cramped, and she could only see out a small hole in the door. Once Alexandria knew the girls were safe, she opened her front door to reveal two PMCS. Alexandria asked "And what can I do for you on this very rainy day?" One man said "You know why we're here. For our supplies we ordered two days ago." Alexandria sighed "Tell your boss that it takes more then two days to make this stuff. I am working as fast as I can and I cannot control plants, much to what you apparently think." The other man put on an evil grin "You better work faster girly, or do you want our agreement to end?" Alexandria showed off her assault rifle and asked "You really think I need protection from you bastards?" The first man shouted "Shut up Rodrigo, this woman would gut you in a second!" Alexandria said "If that's all you wanted, you can show yourself out."The first man bowed "As you wish senorita."Alexandria shut the door and locked it. Alexandria said "They're gone, you can come out now." Molly and Grace followed Anna out of the safe room and Molly asked "Do they bother you like that all the time?" Alexandria laughed "Yes, but they know not to harm me." Grace asked "And what happens when the drugs run dry?" Alexandria said "Then I put some bullets into skulls." Molly said "I could get a couple UN Marines to get stationed here if you want. I could even get some AI's." Alexandria smiled "No thank you dear. I will manage. In the morning I want you to take the shipment back to Leonardo. Tell him what's going on." Molly nodded "I shall."

Chapter 6:Bearer of news

The following morning, the rain had since lightened to a slight drizzle, at least enough to see in front of their eyes, and they quickly packed the drugs into the back of their jeep. After packing the last of the shipment, Molly turned to Alexandria and bowed "Thank you Alexandria. Keep safe." Alexandria waved her hand in dismissal "Think nothing of it child, any friend of my husband is a friend of mine. Just tell the bastard to come visit soon." Anna whispered "Don't be a stranger. Molly smiled "I'll make sure i'm not." Molly hopped into the car and they drove back to the camp. Just as the girls went out of sight, Alexandria mumbled to herself "And as I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil." As Molly and Grace hit the halfway point between Alexandria's mansion and the camp, they were met by Leonardo in his jeep. Leonardo asked "Where have you girls been?" Molly said "We had to stay the night, Alexandria said it was raining too hard to drive last night." Leonardo's eyes widened in astonishment "You met Alexandria? How is she?" Grace said "She's fine, so is Anna." Just then Molly saw a few rocks tumble down the mountain next to them. Molly proceeded to tackle Grace and Leonardo the ground as a rocket destroyed Leonardo's jeep. Leonardo shouted in anger, "Who blew my car to hell?!" Molly looked and saw three PMC's on top of the mountain, loading their weapons. Grace asked "Molly, Leo, what do we do?" Molly loaded her AK and opened fire and killed one of the four PMC's. Molly gave Grace a cocky smile and asked, "Does that answer your question?" Grace loaded her shotgun and Leonardo withdrew his SVD, and proceeded to open fire on their would-be attackers. After only a few minutes, Leonardo went down and Molly turned to see blood pouring out of a wound in his ribcage. Molly tried to put pressure on the wound, but she saw it was only making the wound worse. Leonardo laughed, "I shall be fine. Just keep firing at those bastards." Just then Leonardo's walkie talkie went off, Molly answered it for him and found it was Alexandria on the other end. Alexandria said "Leonardo, my love. They attacked...I am not going to make it. Please, come. Now." Molly asked "Are you going to make it Leo?" Leonardo shook his head, "No, but I shall hold them off." Molly and Grace hopped back in their jeep and sped back to Alexandria's mansion, and once in view, Molly saw it was on fire, and two bodies were outside, slumped up against the tree. Molly hopped out and saw it was Alexandria clenching her bleeding stomach and Anna standing over her. Alexandria asked "Where is Leonardo?" Molly shook her head, "He got wounded, he couldn't make it." Alexandria turned to Anna, who was shaking, either from the coldness of the rain or from fear and said "Annabelle, my child. I know you don't want to hear this, but I am not going to make it."- Alexandria turned to Molly- "Would you please, take care of Anna for me, as my dying wish?" Molly nodded out of instinct "Yes, I will."

A day later, Molly was riding in a taxi with Anna sleeping soundly in her arms. Since Alexandria's death, Molly had told Colonel Parker about the adoption of Anna and to send more troops into New Tropica. Since her mother's death, Anna had hardly said a word and only agreed with whatever Molly told her, which wasn't unexpected due to what Anna had just been through. Once home, Meryl raised in eyebrow in content, and gave her an expectant look. Molly whispered "What?" Meryl asked "What did you do?" Molly protested "I didn't do anything." Meryl asked "Then what's with the little girl in your arms?" Molly replied "Her mother told me to take care of her before she died." Meryl said "I see. What's her name?" Molly said "Anna." Meryl asked "Can I see her?" Molly smiled and nodded "Of course." Molly handed Anna to Meryl, careful not to wake her up and watched as Meryl rocked her back and forth calmly and slowly. Molly asked "So, is it alright she stays here?" Meryl smiled at Molly "It wouldn't be the the first time that we adopted someone Molly." Molly said "Thanks Mom." Just then, Anna slowly opened her eyes, yawned and peered up at Meryl, and for a brief second,a frightened look spread across her face before Molly calmed her down. Anna asked "Who are you? Where am I?" Molly said "This is my mother, Meryl." Anna gave a small wave "Hi, i'm Anna." Meryl smiled "Nice to meet you." Anna looked at Molly and asked "Is this where I am going to live from now on?" Molly nodded "Yep." Anna asked "Where do I sleep?" Molly said "In my room. Or at least until I clear out the guest room..if you want." Anna said "Alright." Meryl sat Anna up on the couch so she could sit on her own. Molly sat on her knees so she and Anna could be at eye-level and asked "So, what do you like to do Anna?" Anna shrugged "I don't know." Molly jokingly asked "Do you open portals to other worlds?" Anna gave Molly a confused look, turned to Meryl, looked back and shrugged. Molly sighed "Catherine would get it." Meryl asked "Do you like playing games? What did you do at your house?" Anna said "Um...I watched TV, and played dress up..." Molly said "Alright, good start. Um, mom..I just realized something." Meryl raised an eyebrow "What?" Molly said "We don't have any spare clothes for Anna." Meryl said "We can go shopping tomorrow."

The next day, Meryl took Anna shopping while Molly made some calls to Grace, asking her about how the operations on New Tropica were going. At around noon, Molly was sitting in her room, staring at the wall, not wanting to do what she was about to do, but she knew she had to. Molly called Johnny via Codec, and he answered on the second ring. Johnny asked "Hello, who's this?" Molly sighed "Who do you think it is, dumbass?" Johnny shouted "Hey Molly! How's it going?!" Molly said "Fine, how's World War III going?" Johnny said "Don't talk like that, there's an actual chance China and Russia are gonna bomb each other." Molly said with disinterest. "Oh, well that sucks." Johnny said "Both China and Russia want the UN/US to join their side. I talked to your buddy Raiden, he says America will stay neutral." Molly said "Let them rip each other to shreds, see if I give a crap." Johnny asked "What's gotten into you?" Molly said "Nothing, if war happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. There's no need to prolong war if it needs to happen." Johnny said "Wow, that's a weird outlook on it." Molly grumbled "It's true. So, what's the backstory here?" Johnny confused, asked "Backstory?" Molly said "Why are they so pissed at each other?" Johnny said "Oh! From what I can figure, it's over a really big sum of money and resources, and really..when if you dig deep enough, they just want to prove who's stronger." Molly rolled her eyes "Of course. Well, good luck. Keep me posted. Alright?" Johnny smiled "Of course." Johnny signed off, and seconds later, Anna and Meryl walked through the door. Anna shouted "Miss Molly, where are you?" Molly said "In here!" Anna walked into Molly's room, now clad in a white sundress and Meryl standing behind her. Molly asked "How was the shopping trip?" Anna said "It was fun." Molly smiled "That's great." Meryl asked "Have you moved at all in the past two hours?" Molly replied "No, I've been making calls." Meryl asked "To who?" Molly said "To Johnny. Colonel Parker, etc." Just then Molly's Codec started to go off, she answered it to see Johnny. Molly asked "What do you want?" Johnny said "Turn on the TV." Molly turned off her Codec and did as she was told. When she turned it on, a news report appeared saying "China declares war on Russia!" Molly mumbled "Oh....oh crap." Anna jabbed Molly in the back of her knee. Molly asked "What?" Anna said "You swore." Molly said "Oh, yeah..sorry." Meryl asked "What's so important you barreled through me and Anna?" Molly stuck her thumb at the TV, which was still broadcasting the announcement. Meryl said "Oh. Wow."

Chapter 7:Days gone bye

Two months had passed, and Anna had settled into the house nicely. She still didn't talk of her mother much, but when she did, she always spoke highly and filled with love. News of the war had quickly spread like wildfire over the world. China was first to launch attacks, when they fired seven bombs into Moscow, resulting in hundreds of deaths. Russia retaliated with a fire bomb into Beijing. The UN War Council had announced that they wouldn't take either side, and the most they would do to participate in the war would be to assist refugee efforts. Molly had been contacted twice by Colonel Parker asking if she would participate in the war, which both times she declined. A month into the war, she was told that Grace had been made a UN Ranger and she went into Russia to fight in the war. Molly awoke in her bed, on her birthday, July 4th clad in just her tank top and bloomers, stood up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She got out of bed and turned to Anna, clinging to her teddy bear Molly gave her a week earlier, still sleeping soundly in the early morning. Molly smiled and patted her on the head and walked into the kitchen to find Meryl standing over the oven. Meryl chirped "Good morning birthday girl!" Molly smiled "Thanks Mom. What are you making?" Meryl said "Your cake." A look of disgust went across Molly's face, as she knew whenever Meryl cooked, it lead to a night in the bathroom. Meryl said "Don't worry, it's a box recipe." Molly heard the floor creak, and she turned to see little Anna rubbing her eyes, and holding her teddy bear in her other hand. Anna yawned "Good morning..." Molly and Meryl said in unison "Morning Anna." Anna sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Molly asked "What are you doing up so early, Anna?" Anna said "I heard you guys talking, so I figured it was time to get up." Meryl whispered "Just like you when you were her age." Molly said "I was not." Meryl said "You did the exact same thing on Catherine's birthday." Molly rolled her eyes "I did not." A few seconds later there was a knock at the door. Molly opened it to see Otacon and Sunny, clad in their normal attire. Molly said "Hey guys! Long time no see." Otacon said "Hey Molly. Happy birthday." Sunny said "Happy birthday kiddo." Molly said "Thanks, come on in." Meryl said "Hey you two." Otacon said "Hello Meryl. How are you holding up?" Meryl said "Oh I am doing fine, especially now that Anna's here." Otacon asked "Who's Anna?" Meryl motioned toward Anna. Otacon asked "Who is she?" Meryl said "Molly went on a mission, her mother died and just before she kicked the bucket she told Molly to take care of Anna, which she is." Otacon said "That's nice." Otacon took a seat next to Anna and smiled at her. Anna said "Hello. I'm Anna." Otacon said "Hello, I'm Hal Emmerich, everyone calls me Otacon." Anna smiled "Nice to meet you." The rest of the day was spent in festivities, they played games outside, they ate Meryl's cake which actually turned out well, and Molly opened her presents which consisted mainly of clothes and money, which she thanked everyone for.

Chapter 9:It's War

Two months later, Molly was again contacted by Colonel Parker, asking her to assist in the war on the front lines, but she again declined. Molly walked out into the living room to find Meryl sitting on the couch with Anna napping in her lap. Meryl said "You have a message." Molly walked over to the fridge and withdrew a soda and asked "Parker?" Meryl said "Yep." Molly said "I don't want to participate in a war that has nothing to do with me." Meryl said "That's what your father said so many times, but something got him involved anyway." Meryl turned on the news to show a "special news bulletin. Meryl turned the volume up and the reporter said "It's our understanding, that the Russians tried to bomb a Chinese trading vessel, but miscalculated and the bomb itself hit a city in California leading to the deaths of hundreds. It's now believed that the United States and the entire United Nation itself will now join in against Russia." A minute later the phone started to ring. Molly picked it up "Uh Pliskin residence, Molly speaking." Raiden said "I know who it is red head. Tell your mother I am heading to Russia. I won't be back for a few months." Molly said "I got ya." Molly hung up the phone and turned to Meryl. Meryl asked "What's wrong?" Molly said "Uncle Jack is heading to Russia, I guess he's taking part in the war." Meryl sighed "Yeah." Molly walked into her room and walked out dressed in SEAL attire and holding an M4 Custom. Meryl asked "And where in hell do you think you're going?" Molly said "To Mother Russia." Meryl said "Come home safe." Molly smiled "I promise, I won't keep you waiting."

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